Oily skin is a common issue that affects millions of people. It's harmless, but could cause acne breakouts, makeup to wear off easily and an overall greasy appearance. So you're not alone if you want to reduce the oiliness on your face. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this at home safely and naturally. Watch this video to learn how to get rid of oiliness from your face for good, and get oil-free, glowing skin.

1. Keep your skin hydrated with a toner

A lot of us are too lazy to add an extra step to our daily skincare routine, but toner is a must-have for every girl with oily skin. Toners are made to remove excess dirt, makeup, and oil from the skin without stripping off the skin’s natural oils. They also help restore the ph balance of the skin after cleansing.

2. Moisturise to prevent excess sebum production

If you think oily skin doesn't need a moisturiser, then let me tell you that you couldn't be further away from the truth. Oily skin needs a moisturizer just as much as dry skin does. In fact, one of the reasons your skin might be overproducing oil is because of dehydration. So when you’re selecting a moisturiser, look for a lightweight, oil-free products that help mattify and reduce shine. On a daily basis, apply a thin layer of light-weight moisturizer to your face and massage it into the skin. At all times it is important to not only moisturize your skin but also to keep it hydrated.

3. Don’t skip sunscreen

Did you know that the sun’s UV light pulls out water from your skin, increases pore size and amps up oil production? Yes, you read that right! Hence, you must use sunscreen to help control oil and shine. If you have oily skin, opt for a gel-based sunscreen with SPF 50 and apply it on the face and neck. It will not just prevent skin damage, but also help keep it matte and shine-free.

4. Primer is mandatory

Another thing you can do to control sebum has applied a primer. It will not only help control oil production but also make the skin look smoother. That's not all; it also acts as an adhesive that will hold your makeup in place for longer. Kiss those midday touch ups goodbye by incorporating a primer in your beauty arsenal.

5. Use a mattifying foundation

When it comes to selecting a foundation, opt for a mattifying formula. While applying the foundation, always remember - less is more! Take only a small amount of the foundation, dot it all over your face and blend it in. If you need extra coverage, don’t add another layer of foundation; use a powder foundation instead.

6. Always set with powder

Always ensure that you set your base if you have oily skin. Wet a beauty sponge, dip it into a powder compact and use it to set your foundation. The powder compact will give you that extra coverage and at the same time absorb excess oil. Lastly, dust a little bit of powder using a big brush to seal in your hard work.

7. Blot your face

If you want to fix that midday shine, before you reach out for your compact, try using blotting paper or a soft tissue. Gently press it on the oily areas to absorb excess oil without wiping off your makeup. Once done, if you feel like you still need the extra help, use a powder foundation and a brush to lightly dust on some powder. This will make your face look shine-free minus that cakey effect.

8. Do not touch your face

Lastly, let me tell you that repeatedly touching your face is a bad idea. Did you know all the oils and germs from your hands get transferred onto your skin leading to clogged pores and a whole lot of skin problems? You'd be surprised how long your makeup can truly last when you keep your hands away from your face. Try these tips and let us know what you think of them.