Taking good care of your skin is more important than covering it up. But let’s admit it; skincare is a delicate subject. From understanding your skin’s needs to using the right products that suit your skin type, there is more to skincare than just cleansing-toning-moisturising.

Each skin type comes with its own set of concerns. Oily skin is more acne-prone, dry skin looks dull, and sensitive skin can become inflamed just about any time *phew* So, there’s certainly no permanent respite from skin woes!

But if you have dry skin, you probably know that anything you do can throw your skin off balance and lead to concerns such as excess dryness, peeling and overall fullness. Environmental factors such as cold and pollution as well as lifestyle habits such as switching products and over-washing also drive your skin to freak out in one way or the other. So, how do you keep your skin calm, balanced, hydrated and healthy, you ask? Inculcate natural ingredients such as lavender in your skincare routine!


Benefits of using lavender in your skincare routine

Benefits of using lavender in your skincare routine

Lavender is a wonder ingredient you didn’t know your skin needed. Its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce inflammation, redness, swelling and helps you get rid of dead or damaged skin cells. The anti-fungal properties present in lavender prevent the skin from fungal skin and nail infections. And, its anti-bacterial properties protect the skin from bacteria-causing acne and pimples.

One way to include lavender in your skincare routine is in the form of oil. Popular amongst essential oil lovers, lavender oil is ultra-soothing with a therapeutic fragrance. From healing sunburns and treating tired muscles to banishing dryness, lavender oil is the miracle elixir for your skin.

The best alternative to lavender oil would be the Vaseline Calming Lavender Body Lotion. Formulated with 100 percent pure lavender extract and extra goodness of Vaseline jelly, this body lotion calms dry irritated skin, leaving it soft, supple and smelling ah-mazing! And the best part is that this body lotion promises to keep your skin moisturised for 24 hours.


How does lavender help treat dry skin?

How does lavender help treat dry skin?

Dry skin looks dull, feels rough and tight, and worsens during the winter months. The dry, winter air wreaks havoc on your skin, causing flaking, scaling, peeling and redness. Well, moisturising every few hours and avoiding harsh, drying soaps are some of the best ways to keep dry skin nourished and hydrated at all times. And, you’ll be happy to know that a body lotion infused with this natural ingredient can be a total blessing for your dry skin. This is how a lavender could help treat dryness in winter.

  • Acts as a toner

No skincare routine is complete without the famous CTM process. We suggest you prepare a lavender-infused toner at home. All you need to do is boil 100 ml of water in a bowl and put in the lavender buds so that they are completely submerged. Leave the brew to steep for a few hours. Now, drain the mixture into a spray bottle and refrigerate it. Once you’ve cleansed your face, spray some lavender water on a cotton pad and wipe your face gently with it.

Lavender helps boost blood circulation, thus providing oxygen and nutrition to the skin cells. This not only keeps the skin cells healthy but also boosts their renewal process.

  • Detoxifies skin

Our skin is constantly exposed to an obnoxious variety of environmental toxins and pollutants on a daily basis, which bring our skin health down drastically. But guess what; it’s lavender to the rescue! Rich in powerful antioxidants, lavender oil helps fight against the harmful effects of pollutants on the skin and prevents the growth of skin bacteria. Skin bacteria is one of the major causes for dryness, itchiness and rashes. Therefore, including lavender in your skincare routine can help fix that.

  • Treats eczema

With dryness comes itching! If you catch yourself itching away constantly at your dry skin patches, then it’s time to include lavender oil in your skincare regimen. Lavender oil balances the skin’s moisture barrier so that your skin is neither too oily nor too dry, just perfectly moisturised. Massage lavender essential oil into the dry spots for smoother, itch-free skin. You could also use the Vaseline Calming Lavender Body Lotion to help fight dryness!