If you have sensitive skin, then surely you have a constant struggle with finding the right skin care and makeup products. Even the slightest alteration in your daily skin routine, any change in the products you use can cause your skin to react badly. We understand your struggle and we give you the basic frame work for you to structure your daily skincare routine around.  

The golden rule to follow is that any product you choose has to be non-irritating to your skin as skin is more delicate and you cannot use harsh products on your skin.


The am skin care routine:

The am skin care routine:

Step 1:


Start with a mild, sulphate-free cleanser. This means that your cleanser should not lather. It is just a cream based emollient that cleans your skin. It will get rid of makeup and impurities without harming your skin and its natural oils.

Step 2:


Look for ingredients that are known to calm skin down. Green tea extracts and chamomile are calming and anti-inflammatory agents. Look for these ingredients in your toners. This will help to soothe your skin.

Step 3:


Make sure you choose a moisturiser which does not have any added fragrances, as these can cause allergies and irritation. Avoid alcohol based creams and moisturisers as well.

Step 4:

Use sunscreens that have zinc oxide as an ingredient, as this is safe for the skin and will not irritate it.


The pm skincare routine:

The pm skincare routine:

Follow steps 1-2-3 from the morning routine.


The weekly skincare routine:

The weekly skincare routine:

Gel face masks

Gel-based masks are more cooling for sensitive skin. You could also put the mask in the fridge before you apply it so that it gives you a cooling effect. Choose masks that deliver hydration to your skin, which work for irritated and inflamed skin. Apply these face masks or sheet masks once a week to tend to your sensitive skin.


When you have sensitive skin, you cannot use a face scrub. Even glycolic acid-based exfoliators can prove to be harsh for sensitive skin. Instead, use products infused with lactic acid that is much gentler and milder on your skin.

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