Despite beauty aisles overflowing with skincare products, finding essentials that suit your skin type isn’t always easy. In fact, building a skincare routine has become more confusing for all of us these days. But if you have sensitive skin, this is an even bigger challenge. Trial and error is not for you because there are so many ingredients that could cause a reaction.

We understand your ordeal; that’s why we have built a skincare routine that’s tailor-made for sensitive skin type. We guarantee your skin will feel calm, soft and healthy sans any allergic reaction.



CTM - Cleanse Tone Moisturise

CTM - Cleanse Tone Moisturise

Step 1: Pick a non-irritating cleanser

The first step in any skincare routine is cleansing, but for sensitive skin you need to make sure your cleanse contains no irritants (read: soap, artificial dye, fragrance, parabens and alcohol) as these can instantly lead to irritation and inflammation. The Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash is free from these baddies, instead it contains Bisabolol, an ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce redness and soothes skin.

skincare routine everyone with sensitive skin type should follow2

Step 2: Don’t skip toner

Most toners contain alcohol, which causes severe dryness, making them a nightmare for girls with sensitive skin type. The truth is your skin still needs a toner to get rid of any residue on the face, shrink pores, balance oil and build a protective layer. The Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner is 100% alcohol-free and perfect for sensitive skin types. It contains a special blend of witch hazel, pro-vitamin B5, allantoin and chamomile that helps restore the skin’s natural pH balance.

skincare routine everyone with sensitive skin type should follow3

Step 3: Apply a soothing moisturiser

Moisturiser is essential to keep the moisture locked into the skin while also protecting it from environmental factors like pollution, the weather, and harsh chemicals, which can all aggravate skin sensitivity. The Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser is a lightweight and non-comedogenic moisturiser that won’t clog the pores. It contains mild yet super hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, glycerine and pro vitamin B5 to keep your sensitive skin hydrated for long.


Makeup Removal

Makeup Removal

Step 1: Remove makeup gently

Sensitive skin is more prone to irritation and redness, so don’t even think of leaving that makeup on your face while going to bed. You don’t know which nasty ingredient can cause a flare up. However, don’t be too harsh on your skin while removing makeup. Opt for an alcohol and paraben-free makeup remover like the Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water. It contains Vitamin B3, C and triple purified water that not only ensures your makeup dissolves easily, but is also left hydrated and brighter-looking.

skincare routine everyone with sensitive skin type should follow5

Step 2: Use a separate eye makeup remover

The eye area is delicate and eye makeup products are usually waterproof. Therefore, you need a makeup remover specially formulated to get rid of eye makeup. The Simple Kind To Skin Eye Make-Up Remover takes care of eye makeup removal without irritating the sensitive eye area. Make sure not to drag the product or rub your eyes while removing makeup, instead pour the micellar water on a cotton pad and hold it over your eyes for a few seconds, then wipe off!

This skincare routine can be adopted by those with normal, oily and dry skin types too because any skin type can feel a little sensitive at times. Pollution, stress, irritants, changing weather, lack of sleep and city living are some factors responsible for this. But with some extra care, kindness and gentle products from Simple Skincare - the sensitive skin experts, there’s no sensitive skin problem that can’t be fixed.