Simply put, emollients are softening ingredients that are added to skincare staples like moisturisers and help soothe dry skin woes. They work by filling in the gaps in your skin’s lipid barrier; thus, preventing the top layer of the skin from cracking and drying. Unlike other moisturising ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, emollients are oilier. Depending on the type of emollient, they can even coat your skin with a thin film of oil to prevent moisture loss.

Having said that, emollients can sometimes be confused with regular moisturisers and completely glossed over. In reality, they can be very good for several dry skin issues, including psoriasis. Read on to find out why emollients should necessarily be added to your dry skin care routine…


Benefits of emollients for dry skin

Benefits of emollients for dry skin

Some of the emollient ingredients you will find in products are zinc oxide, mineral oil, squalene, glycerin, beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil, lanolin, cocoa butter and synthetic compounds like butyl stearate and glycol laurate. Some of the benefits of emollients for dry skin are:

01. They can help soothe dry irritated skin caused by external aggressors like sun exposure, dry weather, other drying skincare ingredients and improper cleansing habits.

02. They can help deal with dry skin issues like eczema and psoriasis.

03. They can help treat itchy, red and cracked skin; even contributing to the healing process.

04. With long-term use, emollients can help strengthen the barrier of your skin. This helps keep early signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles at bay

05. In short, emollients can help maintain the overall health of your skin.

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How to use emollients for skin

How to use emollients for skin

The best way to use emollients for dry skin is to apply a generous amount, as opposed to applying other potent ingredients. To ensure proper distribution, use the products with a general sweeping motion on slightly damp skin. This can be achieved by applying the product directly after a shower to help seal in the moisture under the thick consistency of the emollient.

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