These Drugstore Toners Are All You Need To Soothe The Skin

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
These drugstore toners are all you need to soothe the skin

Think back to your teenage self, using copious amounts of alcohol-based toner, hoping it would magically make your acne disappear. While it may have gotten rid of the bumps on your skin, it would also sting a ton and dry out your complexion. Alcohol-based toners tend to suck the natural moisture out of your skin, and can cause more harm than good in the long run.

However, toners are back, in a major way. Whether you're looking for something to amp up your day-to-day skincare routine, or want to follow an intensive K-beauty routine, a select few toners are actually pretty great for your skin. Apart from clearing out all the gunk on your skin, these toners also help soothe the skin. Plus, they're affordable too. Read on to know our top picks for drugstore toners that soothe your skin.


01. Lakmé Absolute Pore Fix Toner

04. Lakmé 9TO5 Matte Moist Mattifying Face Toner

If you're someone with pore problems who's looking for a ride-or-die to smooth and soothe your skin, the Lakmé Absolute Pore Fix Toner needs to be your go-to. Helping rejuvenate and energise tired skin, the alcohol-free toner fixes a bunch of problems that people with sensitive skin have to deal with.


02. Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner

04. Lakmé 9TO5 Matte Moist Mattifying Face Toner

A light facial toner that hydrates and refreshes, the Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner contains moisture-binding humectants that help condition and prep skin for proper moisture absorption. It also contains soothing ingredients like arnica, balm mint, and lavender, making for the ideal toner for skin hydration and healing irritated skin. Plus, with the 50ml variant, you get a high-end product at a drugstore rate. We call that a total win!


03. Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner

04. Lakmé 9TO5 Matte Moist Mattifying Face Toner

A vegan toner that removes alkaline residue left after cleansing, the Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner helps restore the skin's pH balance. Featuring ingredients like pro-vitamin B5, witch hazel, and allantoin, and of course, no alcohol, the toner is perfect for sensitive skin!


04. Lakmé 9TO5 Matte Moist Mattifying Face Toner

04. Lakmé 9TO5 Matte Moist Mattifying Face Toner

When it comes to a facial refresher in the humid months, that takes care of all the nasty oil buildup and soothes your skin like no other, we’re turning to the Lakmé 9TO5 Matte Moist Mattifying Face Toner. With an alcohol-free formula that’s enriched with green tea extracts, this product is an ideal match for anyone dealing with oily skin, who needs a soothing refresher.

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