It’s World Coconut Day! Did You Know You Could Use This Beauty Hero 4 Different Ways?

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
It’s World Coconut Day! Did you know you could use this beauty hero 4 different ways?

If there were a competition between natural beauty ingredients, coconut would be that all-rounder kid that always came first. This no-nonsense beauty cure can basically fix all your problems in a jiffy. Got a skin issue? Use coconut oil. Hair looks dry? Coconut milk to the rescue! Want to stay healthy? Sip on coconut water.

Coconut deserves a huge shout-out and certainly a place on your beauty shelf. Not only the oil, but almost every part of coconut can be used for flawless skin and hair, except its prickly husk, of course (ouch!).

If you’ve been oblivious to the benefits of coconut, you’ve come to the right place, at the right time. Today is World Coconut Day and we have rounded up four ways of using coconut that we bet you didn’t know about. You know, just to appreciate this beauty hero.

4 surprising ways to use coconut

Oil pulling

Using coconut oil for your skin and hair isn’t anything new. But what if we told you that drinking a spoonful of virgin coconut oil first thing in the morning can seriously improve the quality of your skin and hair? This ancient trick aka oil pulling helps maintain the health of your hair and skin, and aids in the loss of the belly fat too. BRB, buying some coconut oil for ourselves!

4 surprising ways to use coconut

Coconut water for glowing skin

A glass of coconut water a day keeps the dermat away! It’s true, girls. Not only does it hydrate your skin, but also leaves it glowing and fresh. Filled to the brim with vitamin C, coconut water brightens your complexion and adds a healthy glow. Yummy and beauty-licious? Now, who wouldn’t want that?   

4 surprising ways to use coconut

Coconut milk hair mask

Leave it to coconut milk to turn your dull and lifeless tresses into thick, lustrous locks. It conditions your hair, makes it smooth and strong and absolutely fabulous. Apply a coconut milk mask combined with some mashed avocado or olive oil and your hair will speak volumes, quite literally.

4 surprising ways to use coconut

Coconut cream face pack

Keep some of that sweet and creamy coconut malai to use for your next beauty sesh. It can treat sunburn, inflammation and give you soft and smooth skin. Scrape the cream off and blend. Add some rose water and aloe vera gel and slather it on your face. Wash off to unlock porcelain-like skin.

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