Gone are the days when skincare trends weren’t as hyped as fashion trends. Times have changed and how! Thanks to the rise of the beauty industry, more and more people have become aware of the benefits of skincare. If anything, it feels like the obsession over skincare is at an all-time high RN.

While we can’t wait to try all the new skincare trends this year brings, there are some from the previous year that we’re planning on sticking on to. Scroll down below to find out what they are.


01. Triple cleansing

01.	Triple cleansing

After double cleansing, we were introduced to triple cleansing; a trend that takes your cleansing game up a notch. It involves three steps - using a facial wipe to get rid of dirt and grime, applying facial oil to break down the makeup and lastly, finishing it off with a foaming cleanser. This process leaves your skin squeaky clean. So, unless we find a better trend (maybe four-step cleansing) we are sticking to this one.


02. Anti-pollution skincare

02.	Anti-pollution skincare

We witnessed a lot (we repeat, a LOT) of anti-pollution skincare products last year; the reason being toxic environmental aggressors and their terrible, irreversible effects on the skin.

From face washes to creams to face masks, these skincare heroes fight pollution and minimise its effects and are totally worth swearing by in 2020 as well. In fact, pollution is only going to get worse, isn’t it?


03. The skip-care trend

03.	The skip-care trend

Custom-made for skincare minimalists (read: lazy millennials), the skip-care trend allows you to cut-short your lengthy skincare routine by limiting the number of products used.

Given our busy schedule, we can really do with cutting down on our extensive beauty routine and treat our skin to products that actually do the job.


04. Anti-ageing hand treatment

04.	Anti-ageing hand treatment

We admit it; we had been neglecting the skin on our hands for way too long. It was only in the mid-2019 that we began showering our hands with some TLC that it rightly deserved.

Since your hands can reveal your real age, it’s really important to keep your them moisturised at all times and pamper them with anti-ageing products.


05. Fermented skincare

05.	Fermented skincare

A fairly new concept in the skincare world, the fermented skincare trend actually draws out inspiration from ancient beauty books. It uses fermented ingredients like yoghurt, apple cider vinegar, rice and tea in our daily beauty routine. These ingredients have higher nutritional value and antioxidants and are gentle on the skin. 

You can simply mix these fermented ingredients directly on your face or mix them with other natural ingredients like honey or oil to get glowing and youthful skin at home.