This is clearly an era of skincare. However, with new beauty products and tools popping up every other day, the world of skincare is getting more and more complicated. But not for us, skincare buffs. Every time there’s a new skincare launch, we start saving up…. oh, well, who are we kidding, we simply go ahead and spend every last penny we have on these babies.

As of now, we are totally crushing over the trendy beauty tools and gadgets that promise you your best skin yet. Honestly, this is the kind of investment we’d put all our stakes on.

Here are 8 trending skincare tools and gadgets that have all the skincare buffs swooning and how. Stock up on them now.


01. Gua Sha

01.	Gua Sha

The Gua Sha tool is an ancient Chinese beauty practice which uplifts, heals and improves your skin elasticity. Gliding it gently over your face in upward strokes can help get rid of acne, dark circles and saggy skin in no time.


02. Face massager

02.	Face massager

Who doesn’t want a relaxing facial at any given point of time? Well, you could get one with the help of an electric face massager. It relaxes facial muscles and tones the skin giving you a glowing and bright complexion. It’s the perfect weekend beauty companion.


03. Jade roller

03.	Jade roller

Calming skin, improving blood circulation, building collagen, releasing tension—is there anything a jade roller can’t do? Made of jade stone, this beauty tool can really transform your skincare game. Roll it in an upward direction on your face and neck for 10-15 minutes to get rid of signs of ageing, fine lines and dullness.


04. Ice roller

04.	Ice roller

A newbie in the skincare world, an ice roller will have you thinking why it didn’t come into your life sooner. It is a solution for large pores, irritated, inflamed, sunburned skin and dull, lifeless complexion. Glide it over your face just like the jade roller to calm your skin and get an instant glow.


05. Face toning device

05.	Face toning device

Botox too scary and manual face exercise too boring for you? A face toning device can come to your rescue. It was only a couple of years ago that this beauty hero became the hottest beauty product that everyone was obsessing over and it seems like it was worth the hype. It stimulates the face muscles which helps uplift, tone and firm up the skin.


06. Eye roll-on

06.	Eye roll-on

For girls dealing with puffiness, eye bags and dark circles, an eye roll-on is a godsend. Using the cold ball tip of this tool on tired eyes can depuff eyes, reduce darkness around the eyes and even keep under-eye bags at bay. Include it in your nighttime beauty routine to wake up to fresh and good looking eyes in the morning.


07. Dermaplaning tool

07.	Dermaplaning tool

Not only does this wonderful skincare tool gently exfoliate your skin, but also gets rid of fuzzy facial hair aka peach fuzz, giving you smooth and baby soft skin. It has a 10 gauge scalpel which scrapes off the dead skin layer, unlocking brighter, smoother and beautiful skin.


08. Cleansing brush

08.	Cleansing brush

Lazy girls and busy bees will love this one. An electric cleansing brush is a compact, quick cleansing device that exfoliates dead skin cells, thoroughly cleans dirt, impurities and oil off the face and leaves the skin squeaky clean and glowing.