7 Ways To Add Argan Oil To Your Hair And Skin Care Routine

Written by Team BBOct 08, 2018
It is with good reason that argan oil has earned the nickname ‘liquid gold.’ A native of the argan tree found in Morocco, it created quite a stir a few years ago when argan oil’s beauty benefits came to light. It is loaded with nutrients that include Vitamin E as well as a host of fatty acids and it’s non-greasy, light texture makes it perfect to use on your skin as well as hair. If you’ve been thinking of this as just another fad that will do its time and go away, you couldn’t be more wrong. Don’t believe us? Here are a few ways to add argan oil to your beauty routine and put it to the test…

1. To delay ageing and wrinkles

7. As a remedy for stretch marks

If you’re nearing your 30s or even well past them and looking for a way to deal with wrinkles and fine lines, argan oil can help. Just make it a habit to massage a few drops of this moisturising oil into your face and neck every night before bed. The anti-oxidants in the oil will nourish your skin, assist with collagen production and make your skin a little more supple hence delaying skin ageing.

2. Post washing your hair, as a leave-in conditioner

If you’re dealing with frizzy hair that only gets worse once you shampoo, turn to argan oil as a leave-in conditioner. Apart from moisturising your hair, it can help with split ends and tame your strands. Plus, given the fact that it’s healthier too, it could be a lot better than chemical-laden conditioners.


3. As an instant skin moisturiser for dry skin

7. As a remedy for stretch marks

If you suffer from dry skin especially in the winter months, turn to argan oil for assistance. Just a few drops of it massaged into your skin—be it your face or body—can give your skin a boost of Vitamin E and fatty acids that replenish skin cells.

Our preferred way to give your skin this boost of hydration? With the Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Radiance Oil-in-Crème which has a non-greasy formula that feels feathery light on the skin and revitalizes your face.

4. Pre styling your hair, as a styling agent

Due to its ability to tame hair, argan oil can also be used a styling agent.

Use it before you style or blow-dry your hair to make your hair manageable. In addition, that single coat of argan oil also forms a protective layer on the hair strand to reduce heat damage.


5. To get relief from acne

7. As a remedy for stretch marks

People with acne-prone skin can also take comfort in argan oil. Apply a few drops of argan oil to the affected area to give it the moisturisation it needs. Argan oil, unlike a lot of other treatments, is no-greasy in nature so it instils the area with natural levels of moisture without any oiliness. The anti-oxidants in agran oil help to heal damaged cells as well as reduce inflammation.

6. As a hair mask for smoother hair

Take a generous amount of argan oil and massage it into your scalp and hair strands. Wrap a warm towel around your head for a few hours and then shampoo. You can also leave the oil in your hair overnight if you’re looking to maximise your benefits. Loaded with Vitamin E, you’ll have hair that’s nourished, strong, silky and doesn’t tangle easily.


7. As a remedy for stretch marks

7. As a remedy for stretch marks

You might have worked out really hard and got to your goal weight but what you’re also left with is stretch marks. Turns out argan oil can help with that due to its Vitamin E content that increases the elasticity of the skin to reduce stretch marks.

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