We’ve often been told: If you want to take your skincare one level up, then include exfoliation in your regular skincare regimen. And, being the skincare junkies that we are, we obviously took the advice seriously.

Up until now, we used scrubs to exfoliate our skin and to slough off dead skin cells for a healthier complexion. But the beauty world has now got something bigger and better in store for us. Yes, we’re talking about facial cleansing brushes.

Here’s everything you need to know about them.


What are facial cleansing brushes?

What are facial cleansing brushes?

Thanks to facial cleansing brushes, exfoliation just got a whole new meaning!  Facial cleansing brushes promise to deep cleanse and exfoliate your skin, leaving it healthy, glowing and spotless.

Face brushes are far more effective in helping you get rid of dirt, oil build-up, grime and other bacteria from the skin’s surface. Unlike scrubs, you can use a face brush every single day for a thorough cleanse. With facial cleansing brushes, you neither have to worry about chemicals nor gritty particles (that can make your skin rough if used too often).

Face brushes are more suitable for oily skin types, however, if you have sensitive skin, then it’s best you stay away from this tool and instead opt for a more gentle cleanse which is done manually.


How exactly do you use a facial cleansing brush?

How exactly do you use a facial cleansing brush?

Firstly, before you go in with the facial cleansing brush, make sure you slather a foaming cleanser all over your face. Next, pick the face brush, run it under plain water so it is completely wet before use. Using upward circular motions, work the brush across your cheeks, nose, forehead, jawline and chin.

Using a facial brush helps cleanse skin up to six times deeper than your hands. It is a far more intense method of exfoliation which helps improve blood circulation.

What not to do while using facial cleansing brushes

  • Do not press the brush into your skin: You don’t want your face brush scrubbing away the top layer of your skin, do you? Therefore, just glide the brush over your skin gently instead of pressing it down. All those with sensitive skin need to be extra careful.
  • Don’t let breakouts bother you: The first time you use a facial cleansing brush, you may notice your skin breaking out. However, don’t let that stop you from using this tool a second time. The deep cleansing effect can cause bacteria and other toxins to appear on the surface of your skin. But, they’ll soon disappear.
  • Do not use the brush dry: Before using the cleansing brush on your face, make sure it is completely soaked in water. A dry brush will feel harsh on the skin, therefore, apply a foaming cleanser and wet your brush before going ahead with the actual cleansing.