Are You 25? You Need These Vitamins For Your Skin!

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
Are you 25? You need these vitamins for your skin!

When people say ‘put your best foot forward’, beauty junkies automatically hear it as ‘put your best face forward’. Looking your best gives the best start to a day. And looking good starts with good skin because healthy, clear skin is the best makeup any girl can wear!

You are what you eat, and what you are feeding yourself affects your skin. There are many advanced services and products out there, but good skin starts with knowing what to eat.

25 is the age when you should start thinking about protecting your skin against the signs of ageing. Here are some anti-ageing vitamins you should include in your diet to prevent fine lines and preserve your sin’s elasticity.



Vitamin C

Anti-ageing benefits – It neutralises free-radicals that cause damage to the skin cells. It helps heal burns and acne marks. It also protects your skin against the sun.

Found in – spinach, seafood, eggs



Vitamin C

Anti-ageing benefits – Packed with antioxidants, these help in protecting the skin against sun damage.

Found in – green tea


Omega 3

Vitamin C

Anti-ageing benefits – This is a healthy fat that keeps your skin plump and bouncy. The cells are kept healthy and this will help keep the toxins out.

Found in – flax seeds, walnuts, seafood, edamame



Vitamin C

Anti-ageing benefits – This converts to vitamin A, which helps repair damaged cells and helps in cell regeneration.

Found in – orange and green vegetables like oranges, carrots, pumpkins, spinach


Vitamin E

Vitamin C

Anti-ageing benefits – Vitamin E helps maintain the health of the skin cell’s barrier. This barrier regulates what enters the skin and what leaves the skin. And along with vitamin C, this vitamin protects skin against skin degeneration.

Found in – nuts, seeds, avocados


Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Anti-ageing benefits – This vitamin helps in boosting the production on collagen in your skin. Also, it is a popular immunity booster.

Found in – capsicum, broccoli, strawberries, guava, limes, lemons, oranges

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