Bb Trend Alert—24 K Gold Facial

Written by Dayle PereiraOct 17, 2018
BB Trend Alert—24 k gold facial
The word ‘gold’ brings to mind a glistening room full of gold bars and sovereigns that could put Scrooge McDuck to shame. The yellow metal has always been associated with jewellery and antique currency and now, it has found its way to the beauty department in the form of a gold facial too!

gold mask nourish your skin

It might sound like news to you but gold has been deeply rooted in skin care since the existence of the Roman Empire. The birth of the 24 k gold facial is proof of how far gold has come in the cosmetic industry. In case you were still doubting the popularity of the metal in the beauty world, let us remind you that it was a big hit with the Victoria’s Secret Angels during their recent show in Paris.

gold mask nourish your skin

The luxurious facial that’s only available in select salons starts off with the application of hydrating ingredients and potions on the face. A 24k gold leaf is then applied over this layer to boost collagen and brighten the skin and also help the hydrating ingredients work their magic. The result? Skin that’s taut and radiant post the facial.

gold mask nourish your skin

If you’d like to make like a VS model and get in on the gold action, you’ll be glad to know that this facial is available for us mere mortals too! All you need to do is check in at the Lakmé Salon for their Gold Collagen Masque. It combines 24k gold leaf flakes with a nourishing formula to nourish your skin to the max.

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