It’s no secret that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. From flaunting them on their fingers to embellishing an ensemble with them, women love having these everywhere. Naturally then, the news of diamonds being inculcated into the beauty world is bound to be met with cheers from ladies all over.
diamond facial

Facials have always been a part of a dedicated skin routine but the advent of a diamond facial has given a luxurious spin to the monthly regimen. Surprised at how the most precious stone of them all is being used to brighten skin? Well, right from the beginning of time, a diamond has been considered a symbol of clarity and even the gemstone of the planet Venus.

diamond facial treatment

Besides its history, the texture and properties of a diamond are ideal to polish and exfoliate the skin, something that gave rise to the diamond facial. The non-surgical treatment consists of diamond microdermabrasion and lotions that instil the skin with a rejuvenated look. After all, what better than a few sparkling rocks to give your skin a bright glow, right? The diamond facial is now gaining popularity as one of the most coveted skin treatments.

lakmé absolute perfect radiance range

So if you wish to enlist the magic of crystals for your skin too, there’s only one choice to make and it’s with the Lakmé Absolute Perfect Radiance range. The range consists of the Intense Whitening Day Crème with Sunscreens, the Intense Whitening Night Crème, the Intense Whitening UV Lotion with SPF 50, the Intense Whitening Serum, the Intense Whitening Light Crème with SPF 20 and the Whitening Day Crème with Sunscreens. Containing the power of micro-crystals and skin lightening vitamins, the products polish at the skin to reveal its true radiance.