Have you ever looked into the mirror and thought that your skin could use a pick-me-up? We’re not talking about severe strobing techniques and high end facial treatments, we’re referring to just giving the skin a hint of sparkle(quite literally) in the easiest way possible. So how do you get it? By getting your face in some gem action, of course!

Much like the many other whimsical trends that are spotted at music festivals, the face gems trend made waves on the ground, sprung up on social media and outfit posts and became popular across the globe. If you need more convincing to get on board the face gems trend, then say no more.

upping ante with multi coloured jewels on face

Upping the ante with some multi-coloured jewels can look fantastic and here’s proof!

smattering around the peepers

We promise you’ll heart it–just a smattering around the peepers is enough.

more peeps and sparkle on face

Or even pairing up with a partner is cool. More peeps = more sparkle, amirite?

cry glittery gems

Who needs tears when you can cry glittery gems!

face gems

To join the gem gang, even a minimalist touch is enough for the job.

BB Loves the White Crystal Face Jewels for र280 from Etsy

From multi-coloured to subtle, the possibilities with face gems are endless. So get sparkling this season and sprinkle some gems over your beauty routine!