Ladies, the summer of 2019 is officially here! The temperature is beginning to soar and we’re sure you are already feeling the heat. Well, with every new season, comes a brand new beauty trend to flood our beauty feed. And the most recent trend on the beauty block this summer is—the beauty fridge.

A mini fridge for your skincare products is a beauty trend that has not much to do with beauty, but it deals with how you store, use and consume your beauty products. So is this a trend worth trying? Read on as we help you decide...

What exactly is a skincare fridge?

The trend basically suggests that you invest in a mini fridge and use it exclusively to store your beauty products. Especially during summer, due to the hot and humid weather, your skincare products can develop a fungal growth so it makes sense to store your skincare products in a controlled environment inside a fridge!

Why invest in a separate mini beauty fridge you ask?

Your normal fridge has food in it which we are assuming included all kinds of things; from curries to sweets to sauces! So ladies, unless you want your beauty products to smell like sauce, we suggest you keep the two far from each other.


So is it worth it or not? Here is Team BB’s verdict...

So is it worth it or not? Here is Team BB’s verdict...

Given that all of us at Team BB are extremely invested in or beauty, we thought it would be a good idea to take a vote in house! Here is what some of our beauty writers thought...

Sanya Hamdani, Senior Beauty Writer at Team BB says; “I doubt I’m up for it. Refrigerating your skincare products does not impact the application or the effectiveness. Refrigerating your skincare products does not change its properties or its benefits. So what’s the point?” Well, that’s true!

Fatema Habib, Features Writer at Team BB doesn’t seem to agree; “It’s a good idea if you use products with natural ingredients and shorter shelf life. Plus, I enjoy the feeling of something cold on my face. Keeping my sheet masks in the fridge and using them nice and cold helps tighten my pores. So I’m all for the Beauty Fridge trend!” 

Mitalee Rawat, Design Lead at Team BB says, “Popping skincare products in the fridge has its benefits. My face masks, creams and moisturisers feel extra calming especially during summer and helps calm my irritated skin. So yea, I’m onboard.” 

While the team’s verdict on this trend is already heavily tilting in favour of the beauty fridge, here are my two cents on the matter—“Yes, my under-eye cream and moisturiser work better when applied cold, it helps minimise pores and is just so calming after a long hard day. Plus refrigerating products extends its shelf life. But do I need to invest in a new mini fridge exclusively for my skincare products? I think not. I’d much rather keep a separate section in my fridge, dedicated to my skincare products. If the products are sealed properly, the products will be fine. Just to be extra careful, I can keep the products in a zip lock bag.” 

Image courtesy: Pinterest