Breaking Fashion Myths—Debunk The Rules

Written by Girija NaiksatamApr 15, 2020
For an industry that seems to take pride in allowing the expression of individuality and fostering creativity, fashion sure seems to have a lot of rules. At least as far as the fashion myths associated with colours and the necessity to pick those that match your skin tone, we would advocate that the fashion advice be thrown to the wayside. Here’s our guide.
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Wheatish skin
If you happen to be olive-skinned or tanned for that matter, there is no reason why you cannot opt for clothing with yellow or green undertones. Contrary to what the myth might ordain, you can most certainly pick these colours and pair them with beiges or creams for a brighter feel. In fact, even though you might have been forbidden from wearing pure white or shades of fluorescent for fear of seeming too bright, a primarily white outfit with a potential dash of colour with your accessories can be an ideal Sunday brunch ensemble.

Dusky skin
Similarly, if you have darker skin, don’t be afraid of going too bright or picking out that white shirt. Diverging from the unwritten rulebook, incorporating an element of neon or even choosing something dull from the brown or navy family does not quantify as a sartorial sin. If you are indeed vary of experimenting with such extremes, incorporate the forbidden colour palette in smaller splashes through your accessories or subtle prints to test the waters. The more comfortable you get with the experimental colours, the bolder your wardrobe picks can be.  

Fair skin
The same holds true for people with paler skin tones. You might have been introduced to the over-familiar aunt who has taken it upon herself to ensure that you are always spruced up to be the center of attention wherever you go. As much as she may insist, you do not need the crutch of something as bright as a fuchsia pink to contrast your skin tone and bring out the pink in your cheeks. A paler, pastel palette can be just as flattering in an elegantly sophisticated kind-of-way.

As rivetingly experimental and rebellious as these may seem, it essentially all boils down to your ability to carry off your outfit with enough confidence and aplomb. Shoulders squared back and a self-assured smile is really all you need to make any colour work for you.

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