What Is A Buccal Massage And How It Benefits Your Skin

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
What is a buccal massage and how it benefits your skin

Let’s admit it! Nothing relaxes our muscles and nerves like a soothing massage. Up until now, we only knew about facials that include massage as part of the treatment. A facial massage is pretty simple, and you can easily do it yourself—you massage your forehead, the eye area, cheeks, around the mouth, chin and neck in a gentle manner. There is no pulling or rubbing of the skin involved. It instantly helps relieve stress, lifts your mood and is an overall rejuvenating process.

But, you’ll be happy and surprised to know that we’ve discovered a new way of getting professional facial treatment. It’s called Buccal Massage! In fact, this facial massage technique is the secret behind glowing and sculpted skin of divas like Meghan Markle, Kate Moss and Jennifer Lopez. Now, who wouldn’t want skin like theirs?!

Read on for all the dope on buccal massage.


What is Buccal Massage?

Benefits of buccal massage

A buccal massage is not your regular facial massage. This may sound a little weird, but in the process, a masseuse puts her hand inside your mouth and massages your face from the inside out. This technique can actually help you achieve dreamy skin. A buccal massage not only works to improve your skin texture but also helps sculpt your face. A perfectly sculpted or contoured face can instantly make your face look more structured without using any makeup.

This process includes massaging your cheeks from inside, giving access to your muscles inside as well as outside. This technique removes tension and blockages from your muscles, giving you an envious facelift and making your skin firmer and tighter.


Benefits of buccal massage

Benefits of buccal massage

#01: Strengthens face muscles

Buccal massage works on a few select muscles, strengthening and relaxing them. Whether you have premature signs of ageing or puffiness, you’ll be happy to know that a buccal massage can help de-puff as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

#02: Sculpts your face

Who wouldn’t want a naturally sculpted face? The good news is that a buccal massage not only gives you a facelift but also perfectly sculpts your face. By massaging your muscles, you’re actually giving them a workout. When the muscles workout regularly, the skin regenerates and heals itself.

#03: Relaxes your face and jaw

Who doesn’t enjoy a facial massage? In normal facials, you get to indulge in a massage for hardly five to seven minutes. But, when you get a buccal massage, the focus is just on massaging to relieve tension from your muscles. When your face and jaw muscles have zero blockages, it automatically looks more relaxed and lifted.

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