The pandemic has given birth to many beauty trends. Right from pastel-coloured tresses to innovations in phygital beauty — the world around us is changing as we speak. One of these trends that we spotted early on is an increased interest in non-invasive skin treatments. To understand exactly why there is a new demand for these keep-fit type skin treatments, we spoke to a dermatologist to get some insights.

According to our expert connect Dr Divya Sharma, MD dermatology, non-invasive skin treatments are procedures which do not break the surface of the skin. “Most of the procedures which are termed ‘non-invasive’ do not involve surgery and have a shorter downtime. They are usually performed on an outpatient basis. For instance, there are many non-invasive options to tighten the skin and get rid of the signs of ageing like fading wrinkles, fixing prominent jowls and even sculpting a jawline. Also, one does not require to go under the knife to get the shape of their nose corrected since it can happen in a few minutes using Dermal fillers,” she says.

Turns out, there is a lot you can achieve with this mode of treatment. But why is it gaining popularity now?


Why are non-invasive procedures so popular RN?

Why are non-invasive procedures so popular RN?

According to Dr Divya, “Due to the pandemic, there has been a safety concern to get surgical or invasive procedures, which may require hospital admission. There is an inherent fear to visit hospitals to the risk of contracting an infection. Non- invasive treatments are outpatient and appear safer during these uncertain times.”

There has also been a shift in the kind of procedures women are opting for. Dr Divya revealed, “More patients are approaching for lower facelifts, neck lifts and there is a renewed focus on the jawline. Many patients are opting for methods like an ultrasound and radiofrequency for skin tightening. Also, there’s an increase in request for ‘fat freezing’ and other procedures to take care of the fat pockets due to the prolonged sedentary lifestyle and weight gain.”

It is this shift in perceptions that seems to have catapulted non-invasive treatments to the limelight. But why did the sudden shift happen?


What makes non-invasive skin treatments unavoidable now?

What makes non-invasive skin treatments unavoidable now?

According to Dr Divya, “A surprisingly heightened demand for Botulinum toxin and Dermal fillers has gone up as there is more emphasis to get rid of wrinkles and have perfect facial features. As people see more of their face in virtual meetings, a lot more emphasis is now on the facial features and to see oneself ‘ZOOM ready’ during the pandemic.”

She also attributed the presence of virtual meetups in people’s private lives as well. Dr Divya revealed, “Social distancing has increased the ‘virtual’ time spent observing each other’s face. Surprisingly, patients are focussing more on the face and especially areas around the eyes and the lower face especially the jawline. Double chin is the new ‘breakout’ that everyone wants to get rid of as early as possible. There is more emphasis on structural facial symmetry and under-eye area. Dark circles, fine lines and puffy eyes are common complaints of many people attending our office. A flawless face is in popular demand in the pandemic era,” she elaborated.


Can non-invasive skin treatments help get rid of quarantine skin?

Can non-invasive skin treatments help get rid of quarantine skin?

Dr Divya explained, “Sadly the global pandemic has ushered a new routine of WFH, which has increased the screen exposure significantly. As we all know, late-night routine and radiation exposure play an important role in premature ageing of the skin. Also, the lack of Vitamin D and an increase in weight can lead to more acne breakouts. To make things worse the pandemic has increased the lackadaisical approach towards skincare.”

However, all is not lost when it comes to restoring the lovely glow back to your skin. As people increasingly grow sceptical of visiting salons, these quick procedures recommended by Dr Divya can help you get the desirable results:

01. Chemical peels like glycolic acid are an easy and quick solution to achieve a rejuvenated and glowing complexion.

02. Long hours of wearing protective face masks can also lead to ‘maskne’. As such, salicylic peels can easily replace your routine clean up and can help get rid of pimples.

03. Laser toning - which involves multiple pulses of low frequencies of a Q- switched laser - can help even out the skin tone and reduce blemishes.

04. IPL photofacials and carbon peels are safe and quick remedies for reducing acne and getting rid of blackheads.

Pro tip: Make sure you visit a dermatologist who specialises in aesthetic skills and has a good experience. It requires a clever assessment and match of the facial features and the expectations of the patient to get the best results. Also, do your research prior to heading into the clinics and educate yourself on the safety procedures followed by them and the ones expected of you. You should also diligently follow the AM and PM routine prescribed by your dermatologist to maintain good results.