When we got our hands on the new Dove Go Fresh Deos, we didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary. We were surprised, of course. They came in four sweet-smelling (and unique) fragrances such as grapefruit and cucumber, promised to keep us odour free for two whole days and the best part, they did not sting! Here are all our reasons why we’re switching to the Dove Go Fresh Deo stat…
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Not only will it give you 48 hour wetness and odour protection, but Dove Deo’s Vitamin E content and nourishing moisturising cream will help rid your skin of those nasty dark patches - reminders of way too many painful, hair removal sessions.
It has zero alcohol content which means you can use it within hours of getting a wax without having it sting you or cause a rather uncomfortable burning sensation - something that we’ve all gotten ourselves so used to.
The Dove Deos also contain glycerol, a moisturiser which occurs naturally in our skin to help keep it hydrated, nourished and healthy looking, a relatively important concern if we’re big fans of wearing nothing but sleeveless vests and dresses to beat the year round heat wave.
Turns out, the Dove Deo is also enriched with a surprising ingredient - distilled sunflower seed oil – which, after application can convert itself to active essential fatty acids that include Omega 6 and Vitamin F. The latter can add a natural suppleness to skin.
Unknown to most, Vitamin F is necessary for healthy skin but isn’t manufactured by our body. Sounds unfair, doesn’t it? Furthermore, Vitamin F helps add radiance to your skin and is also turned into ceramides which help in keeping your skin firm.