Bb Trend Alert—Glass Skin, K-Beauty's Latest Rage

Written by Sheri PatelJul 16, 2020
BB Trend Alert—Glass Skin, K-Beauty's latest rage
‘Glass Skin’, the latest trend in Korean beauty, is steadily beginning to take over every skincare lover’s regime. The term refers to absolutely smooth and thoroughly hydrated facial skin that has a very noticeable sheen, one that’s just like glass. To truly achieve ‘Glass Skin,’ your complexion must be pore-less, flawless and translucent.

Achieve%20Glass%20Skin%20K Beauty%27s%20latest%20Trend

As the name suggests, ‘Glass Skin’ is skin that resembles a pane of glass.
For skin to look like glass you’ve got to have a dewy and radiant complexion.

The key to ‘Glass Skin’ is layering all the products from K-beauty’s essential 10-step regime on your face. If you do this as opposed to a regular cleanse, you’ll achieve ‘gwang’, the Korean word for ‘dewy glow’.

So, how does one achieve ‘Glass Skin’?

For skin as dewy and translucent as glass, make only two simple words your mantra— exfoliate and hydrate.

The first trick to ‘Glass Skin’ is exfoliation, as it helps in removing additional dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and other impurities that cause the skin to become rough and make it visibly porous. As we all know, exfoliating skin buffs away dead skin cells and all other impurities.

The next essential when it comes to ‘Glass Skin’ is hydrating skin with serum. This will help lock in moisture and leave you with glowing skin.

Achieve%20Glass%20Skin%20K Beauty%27s%20latest%20Trend

Isn’t absolutely flawless skin what all of us dream of? Well, that’s what the ‘Glass Skin’ beauty regimen gives. By adding the ‘Glass Skin’ technique to your skincare routine, you’ll also need to use far less make-up, as your skin will start to look great just as it is.

Obtaining this much-wanted glow needs long-term commitment, as it isn’t just a zit-zapper. This beauty regime doesn’t just work on the top of your skin— it dives deeper into it and fixes it from within to activate that glow. Thinking of skincare as a chore isn’t right, as it’s a form of self-care and is absolutely necessary.

Why not try out this glow-giving hero and look completely fresh-faced? You know you want to— it’s self-love after all!

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