As a woman, ageing is something you battle every day of your life. And now on, you will be on the winning side. For the first time in India, the Lakmé Salon brings to you the remarkable goodness of Argan oil for your skin. It’s made from the kernels of the Argan tree fruit found in Morocco. Argan oil is enriched with high levels of cosmetic, therapeutic, hydrating and nutritious properties that help you fight against premature aging and the harsh UV rays.

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The magical Moroccan Liquid Gold Ritual rejuvenates your skin to make it glow. It helps your skin maintain the necessary levels of collagen, which diminishes due to age and rough environmental conditions. It is also effective against ageing, cell degeneration, skin inflammation, dryness and slight acne. ₹2700 for 60 minutes.

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At first, the skin was cleansed followed by an enzyme based vegetal peel. Then, lactic acid mixed with Special Cream 11 is applied all over as a pack. There can be mild tingling here since the lactic acid has AHAs. This is followed by toner and Argan oil, which is massaged all over the face for better penetration. The 10 minutes massage for the head, face and neck is the best part here. It’s deeply relaxing. Then, a gold peel off masque is applied till it sets dry and is peeled off, followed at the end by a few drops of Argan Oil and sunscreen (for protection since your skin is peeled coz of lactic acid and AHAs)

I noticed that my skin looked fresh and hydrated and there was a glow. But, the skin looked better after a couple of days. The effect stays for a week or so. Also, the dead skin cells are gone, so you get rid of the tan too.

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I think it’s totally worth a try before a special event – though it’s priced on a steeper side – to indulge in for your regular monthly facial. However, I do think it’s worth the investment, once in five or six months.

My only issue was that I got a small pimple after a day or two, so since the face is cleansed of dirt, sometimes it first reacts and one may break out. But as soon the skin settles and you see good results.