The global pandemic has given way to many beauty trends - ‘maskne’ skin solutions and a focus on credible and reliable products being the top priorities among consumers. This fares well for homegrown, desi beauty practices since natural and Ayurvedic ingredients have long been at the centre for our skin and hair care. Post-pandemic personal care is all about minimal buying (given the fact that people want to save up during uncertain times), with the idea of it being quality over quantity. But what made natural ingredients and/or Ayurvedic formulations jump in demand, and do they actually do you a lot of good? Here are a few factors to consider…


01. A rise in at-home skincare

01.  A rise in at-home skincare

Due to reduced access to salons and clinics, beauty largely shifted to at-home routines that could be done on your own. This in turn led to building personal care regimens that are not just good for quick results, but also improve your skin and hair in the long run. The principles of Ayurveda have the exact same idea at their root. Plus, the fundamentals of preparing these products with clean beauty practices have given the idea its long legs.


02. Maintaining your skin’s microbiome

02. Maintaining your skin’s microbiome

Natural ingredients have always been credited with maintaining your skin’s natural microbiome - a collection of microorganisms living on the skin. This includes bacteria, viruses and fungi that are tasked with keeping our skin healthy. If disturbed (for instance making your skin’s pH too acidic), it could lead to a reduction in your skin’s capacity to fight off bad bacteria and other infections.


03. Immunity-boosting ingredients

03.  Immunity-boosting ingredients

Natural, bio-based and Ayurvedic ingredients are able to tap into age-old remedies that kept our mothers and their mothers thriving. Plus, these ingredients claim to further the health of your skin, for instance ascorbic acid derived from citrus fruits (vitamin C) helps brighten the skin and prevent sun damage but also makes you resilient to common cold and other diseases. Even with hair care, multidimensional ingredients, like the Ayurvedic superstar ashwagandha, have a truckload of benefits for not just your hair but your immune system too.


04. A concern for the environment

04.  A concern for the environment

The global pandemic has given new life to the discussion around protecting the environment. The beauty industry has always been at the forefront with eco-friendly innovations, especially when it comes to raw materials, production techniques and packaging. This has now gotten a new incentive as individuals are trying to make their beauty habits more sustainable. Hence, the obsession with an au naturel regimen.