Dinyar Workingboxwalla is South Mumbai’s best kept, if slightly eccentric, beauty secret. So when he launches a book you certainly want to know his take on skin and beauty.
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Beauty Unleashed, the latest book by author Dinyar Workingboxwalla, takes skincare seven layers deep as it discusses DNA, RNA, Retinol, Hyalauronic acid, Botox and quaint old world home remedies that now have scientific validity.
Not all though—I am OK with honey and cream for hand wash but I draw the line at mixing Cuticura talc with baking soda.
Skincare is clearly DW’s thing and the lovely society ladies with glowing skins (including actor Jacqueline Fernandes looking fabulous) at his book launch stood testimony to the fact that his stuff works.
By the way Workingboxwalla’s skin itself is gorgeously supple and glowing. Most people in South Mumbai have gone to him or know about him so I won’t go too much into his life and background. It’s all in the book including his own battle with terrible acne. An enjoyable, informative read with lots of Faq’s on skin, hair, lifestyle.
Some of it feels like you are talking to a girlfriend who gets it and some as if there is a doctor in the house. But with thirty nine years of experience in handling Indian skin and hair he knows what he is talking about.
I don’t personally agree with some of the things DW says namely the extensive use of ingestible vitamins. I think he could have tackled some of the new molecules and peptide chains that are being recommended.
I would have loved to see more case studies but confidentiality issues may have come in the way. I like that he has the honesty to put the beauty industry into perspective and he points out the hype and the PR machinery behind some of the products.
At Rs.295 it is definitely worth having on your dressing table or passing around. The only drawback—publisher Westland’s underwhelming cover which would not pass muster as a ‘beauty’ cover in the luxe mag I worked for.