The Peppermint Facial at the Lakmé Salon


The Peppermint Facial starts with basic cleansing and toning that helps get rid of flaky skin and dead skin cells that lurk on the surface. If you stay in a metro where you're exposed to the searing heat coupled with dust, grime and pollution, chances are that you're going to need a thorough clean-up.

Next, comes a deep cleansing ritual with an exfoliant scrub that’s followed by steam to open up your pores and facilitates white and black head extraction (especially the T-zone.)

The skin expert then treats you to a thorough massage with khus (vetiver) and mint gel to help hydrate and de-tan the skin. Since both herbs come with antiseptic as well as anti-inflammatory properties, they’re a welcome relief for easily irritable skin.

The final leg of the Peppermint Facial is the cucumber and mint face mask that helps to tighten and hydrate the skin to leave it feeling naturally nourished. It also gets rid of any hint of sun burn to make the skin look refreshed and rejuvenated.


Everything used in the Peppermint Facial Ritual is made at the salon itself - this means natural ingredients for an au naturel treatment.

The exfoliation and cleansing ritual not only helps to clean skin at a surface level but together with the steam and deep cleansing also promotes blood circulation to the face.

Unlike other artificial gels, the khus and mint gel that’s used in this ritual is water based, which means that it won’t get your sebaceous glands to work overtime and secrete even more sebum (the last thing you need in the sweltering summers.)

Cucumber and mint is a great combination – both act as cleansing as well as rejuvenating agents that clean and nourish your skin to leave it looking healthy and much brighter... the natural way.

(With inputs from Shraddha Naik, Skin Expert, Lakmé Salon)