Whether it’s simply the weather or the stress in your day—this time of the year your sweat glands are in full swing. In fact, research tells us that sometimes even the mere thought of sweating will set the water-works in motion. BeBEAUTIFUL is right on point by telling you the one product you need to add to your everyday grooming ritual to make sure you always smell as fresh as a flower and even more importantly feel like one!
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The deodorant that we’ve set our heart on this summer is one that’s packed with sunflower seed oil—which converts itself to active essential fatty acids that include Omega 6 and Vitamin F—not only does this protect you against the stink of sweat but you’re also left with supple skin.
Most people don’t know this (BB to the rescue!) but Vitamin F is essential for healthy skin since it adds radiance to your skin and keeps it firm. Unfortunately, this vitamin isn’t manufactured by our body, which is all the more reason for you to jump ship and get your hands on this essential summer saviour.
Keeping things seasonally relevant—now is the time of the year when our tank tops, Grecian-styled off shoulder dresses and sleeveless summer playsuits are out of hiding and onto our hangers. Which is why, evenly-toned underarms are a must! Dove’s range of Go Fresh deodorants (with their unique moisturising cream) help remove dark patches. One product that moisturises your underarms, removes that gross sweaty smell and keeps your skin moisturised and hydrated—I think we’ve just landed ourselves our summer must-have, non?