Promising us “ramp ready radiance”—is the new Lakmé Perfect Radiance Polishing Serum and Intense Whitening Light Crème. This pretty-as-pink product gives you the luxury of a full-facial clean up in the comfort of your own.

It’s no hidden secret that the one beauty feature we are all greedily after is a flawless complexion. With that feat tucked under belts—half the job is done. Which is why, this gorgeous product has quickly worked its way up our list of must-have essentials. Not only does the pink packaging paint a pretty picture in our handbags, but this product is also versatile and effective. It can be used both as a light day cream to correct your skin tone, leaving your skin feeling hydrated, soft and even-toned.

A beauty tip that we swear by that gives our face that ramp ready radiance throughout the day is carrying a packet of facial wipes with us to the office (or better still you can leave a packet in your office drawer), post lunch—do a quick wipe on to your forehead, cheeks, chin and neck area—leaving your lip and eye makeup intact. Quickly reapply this Polishing Serum and press down a little powder if you like. This little trick takes barely five minutes and will leave you looking dewy all day long. What’s more—this light textured and fluffy to the touch concoction is perfect for our sticky summers as it feeds the skin with all the essential nutrients while still leaving you looking and feeling fresh and wonderful.

Massage your face with a regular dose of this Polishing Serum and you’ll notice the difference yourself! If you’ve had a go—let us know in the comment section below how it works on your skin