Lakmé Perfect Radiance Polishing Serum is for those women who want to channel their inner supermodel by flaunting perfect and radiant skin. Now turning the world into your ramp is the easiest thing to do.

Why we love it The fact that it makes achieving flawless, glowing skin so easy is the number one thing we love about Lakmé Perfect Radiance Polishing Serum. It’s so smooth, light and easy to apply. One application is all you need as the Luminizing Vitamins and Light Reflecting Pearls that power this serum give you an instant radiance that is to die for. Packed with insta-collagen boosters, not only does Lakmé Perfect Radiance Polishing Serum give you a fabulous glow, but it also brightens your skin and highlights its textures, giving you an irresistible sheen.

One interesting fact about this serum is that its colour instantly transforms from white to pink when it makes contact with your skin. And each application corrects your skin tone until it is even and fabulously radiant.

We love how the serum gives us an even-toned skin without a cakey feeling. It also takes away the dullness of our skin leaving us with luminous, supermodel skin. Whether you’re headed to office, or catching a movie with friends, a dab of Lakmé Perfect Radiance Polishing Serum is all you need to look ramp ready.

How to use Dab a few drops on the tips of your fingers and apply it on your face until it is absorbed by your skin.

Price: Lakmé Perfect Radiance Polishing Serum is priced at ₹799 for 30ml