It’s almost Christmas, so imagine the number of parties you’re going to or hosting! If you’re hosting a party, you obviously don’t want your guests to be bored. Amidst all that chatter and dancing, party games can help you do that. You may think games at parties are for children, but believe us, there are quite a few party games that are super fun for adults as well. Even if you aren’t hosting a party, you could also make a boring party you’re at a lot more fun with some of these simple games. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 3 Christmas party games that are sure to make your X’mas party merrier…

Christmas Taboo

  1. Christmas Taboo
  2. Taboo is without a doubt, one of the most fun games out there, and so, adding a festive spin to it is a great way to kick off your holiday party. All you’ll need is about 40 small paper cards that are the size of playing cards, and a marker. On those cards, write a word related to Christmas or the holiday season, along with several other keywords related to that particular word, and you’re good to go. The point of the game is to have people guess the word of the card you’re holding by giving them clues that don’t include the main word or any of the related keywords.

  3. Charades
  4. This game is a great way to get your guests into the groove! Grab a couple of small paper cards, and write down some Christmas carol lyrics or to make it even more fun, some Bollywood lyrics on each of them. Then, split your guests into teams, and have a member of each team act out the lyrics on the card they picked, for their teammates to guess what it is. Extra points go to those teams who actually sing the song!

  5. All I Want For Christmas
  6. This one is probably the easiest to prep for. All you’ll need is a bottle of your favourite alcohol, a couple of shot glasses, and your friends. For this game, you and your pals have to sit together, and then one by one say, “All I want for Christmas is _____ and ____ to _______.”

    Eg: All I want for Christmas is for Rohan and Nikhil to recreate Beyonce’s Single Ladies dance for me.

    The named people can either do what they’re told, or take a shot. It’s simple, yet a whole lot of fun!