5 Morning Rituals To Help You Become More Productive

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurSep 26, 2018
5 morning rituals to help you become more productive
There’s nothing more satisfying than having a productive morning. We might not be morning people but we’ve all had those rare occasions where we’ve woken up early and got work done on time in the first half of the day… and you know how amazing it feels. When you begin the day on a lighter note, you take lesser stress, sleep on time and feel more energised than ever. If mornings are not really your thing, but you wish to make them more productive, this list of rituals should help you out. Not just productivity, but even health wise, these 5 morning rituals are ideal for everyone!

Leave your phone on airplane mode

Switch caffeine for lemon water / green juice

Checking your phone the first thing in the morning means subjecting yourself to a number of pointless notifications, and that’s not what you need to invest your energy into soon after you wake up. Your alarm is pretty much the only thing you need your phone for so once you’re awake head straight for the yoga mat, then to the breakfast table with the newspapers and delay scrolling through your phone until you’re finally ready for work. Your morning will be much happier when you do this, take our word for that.


Give yourself enough time to stretch after waking up

Switch caffeine for lemon water / green juice

One of the most common concerns amongst people today is that they feel tired after waking up, when mornings are actually supposed to make you feel fresh and energised. Stretching in the morning helps loosen out your stiff muscles and relaxes your body, making you feel less fatigued and more energised! Try out some basic arm, leg and back stretches that you can do in your bed itself.

Wake up early so you can wake up slowly

Those mornings when you jump outta bed, instantly take a 5-minute shower, grab quick breakfast and rush out of your home feel so exhausting, don’t they? That’s because you’re not giving yourself any time to relax in the morning. Try waking up an hour earlier and you will see the difference. The showers will be longer and you could probably spend some time reading the newspaper, watering the plants etc. This will help you relax and have a stress-free, chilled out morning.


Switch caffeine for lemon water / green juice

Switch caffeine for lemon water / green juice

We’ve said this before and will say it again. While caffeine has become an integral part of people’s morning routines, having it first thing in the morning is actually a terrible idea. This is because your body produces cortisol (a hormone that helps regulate stress) in the mornings, so, it’s technically, naturally caffeinating itself. Consuming coffee/tea will diminish the energy-boosting effects of caffeine and will build a tolerance to it. Instead, switch to a detoxifying drink like lemon juice mixed with water or a healthy, green juice. These drinks aid weight loss, give glowing skin and remove toxins from your body!

Plan your tasks

Although this feels like an impossible thing to do, planning your tasks in the beginning of the day will actually help you be extra productive. Allotting time to work, exercise, errands (if you have any) etc. will help you get to know yourself better–at what time in the day do you feel the most energised and attentive? Schedule all the important stuff for those hours and you will find yourself doing more and procrastinating less!

We’re just a week into the New Year, so, give these morning rituals a try and see yourself make an amazing lifestyle change!

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