Exfoliating might be one of your favourite routes to getting rid of dead skin but when done in excess, it can actually prove to be hugely detrimental to your skin. Want to know how? Read on to find out…
Your skin appears shiny

Your skin appears shiny

When you go overboard with scrubbing, light reflects off easily from your skin because your skin loses its natural finish. Remember that scrubs often contain acids and retinols that, when used in excess, can actually be detrimental to your skin.

You look puffy

Exfoliating your skin excessively can actually cause inflammation in your skin. A scrub helps your skin slough off dead skin but when you overexfoliate, you damage the natural lipid barrier of the skin, which eventually leads to puffy skin.

You’re breaking out

You’re breaking out

When you overscrub your skin, you basically rob your skin of its natural oils. In order to compensate, your skin starts producing more oil leading to blackheads and acne. So if you truly want to get rid of acne, make sure you scrub your skin only once or twice a week.

Your skin is peeling

When you overscrub your skin, your skin turns rather sensitive. This is when your skin loses its ability to retain water. The rough texture of the scrub can peel off your skin over time making your skin all the more sensitive.

Your skin burns

Your skin burns

If you feel a tingling sensation every time you use your daily moisturiser, chances are that you’ve disturbed the epidermis of your skin by overscrubbing and hence, your skin has lost its protective barrier.

How to heal your skin after overscrubbing…

How to heal your skin after overscrubbing…

To soothe your skin and replenish moisture, use the Lakmé Absolute Skin Gloss Gel Crème that hydrates the skin deeply while lending it a moisturised finish all through the day. It’s absolutely lightweight so you don’t have to feel like you’re carrying the weight of a heavy moisturiser! But if you find your skin prone to acne after overscrubbing, make sure you get your hands on the Citra’s Pimple-Clear Face Wash, which is infused with Japanese green tea that reduces pimples and oiliness from the skin.

written by on Apr 11, 2018


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