B.O. might be one of the most embarrassing truths about our bodies but the sooner you accept it, the better it is for the health of your body. But before you do that, you should know a few lesser known causes of body odour. Scroll down to find out…
Youre overtly stressed

You’re overtly stressed

Stress sweat is known to be the absolute worst. This is because it’s produced from a category of sweat glands known as apocrine glands. This sparks two other smelly hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. This causes you to sweat all the more and release body odour. Try meditation or yoga if you feel like you’re stressing too much.

Youve been drinking a lot

You’ve been drinking a lot

When alcohol goes through your bloodstream, the body treats this alcohol as toxic. Alcohol is metabolized through the liver and taken out in the form of urine. But if you happen to drink more than the capacity of your liver, your body excretes it in the form of breath and sweat. This is what leads to body odour. So the next time you go drinking, go easy on the alcohol if you really want to get rid of B.O.

Youre consuming excess sugar

You’re consuming excess sugar

Did you know that excess consumption of refined sugar can cause body odour? Well, high consumption of refined sugar causes the increase of yeast to grow in your body, which when combined with armpit bacteria leads to body odour. This is why you need to first cut down on refined sugars.

Youre wearing the same lingerie for extra hours

You’re wearing the same lingerie for extra hours

Remember that your bra is very close to your armpits and always collects sweat and bacteria. When you wear your bra without washing it every day, it means you’re allowing the sweat to stay on in the fabric and also come in contact with your skin for long hours. So make sure you change your innerwear every single day.

Youre not protecting your body

You’re not protecting your body

While you make your lifestyle changes to get rid of body odour, you also need to ensure that you’re armed with the right tools that will put up a strong fight against body odour. Our suggestion is keeping the Rexona Underarm Roll Ons with you at all times. They come in three variants—Powder dry, shower fresh and aloe vera. These roll ons prevent body odour and are absolutely safe on the skin. Moreover, they act as a layer between sweat and bacteria thereby preventing body odour for as long as 48 hours! But if you like the refreshing feel of a talc, go for the Pond’s Starlight Talc—a fragrant powder that’s made using international fragrances and lasts as long as 6 hours! It absorbs sweat and makes your skin soft and smooth.

written by on Mar 20, 2018


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