5 Thoughts You Have When Your Colleague Has Body Odour

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurApr 09, 2018
5 thoughts you have when your colleague has body odour

Body odour is something that can be a major turn off for so many of us—and the worst part is that there is no subtle way of conveying it to a person who suffers from it. In fact, it’s by far the most awkward situations you’d ever have to face. Especially with colleagues—it’s next to impossible to be working with someone who smells inappropriate.

If you’ve ever been in an uncomfortable, awkward and unavoidable situation of tolerating a colleague’s unpleasant B.O, you will surely identify with the thoughts below…


1. “How do I avoid any interaction with this person today?”

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If your colleague has body odour we’re sure everyday interaction with them is a task you just wanna avoid. In fact, you don’t want to be anywhere near them ‘coz you just can’t tolerate the awful smell.

2. “When is his birthday? I’m thinking of gifting a perfume”

We’re sure you’ve thought about it a number of times—maybe they need a really, really strong fragrance? Also, perfumes are a great gift anyway. *awkward*


3. “I must not enter the elevator with them”

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Entering a confined space like an elevator with someone who has body odour is sure to ruin your day. You might as well take the stairs ‘coz, you know, it’s healthy!


4. “How long can I hold my breath?”

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You just cannot avoid situations and scenarios where they come to talk to you near your desk or have genuine work with you. And God hope it isn’t a long conversation, ‘coz holding breath for so long is a skill you haven’t mastered yet.

5. “Thank god I have a cold today!”

We know having a cold can be all sorts of annoying—but you really thank the universe when you catch a cold and your sense of smell goes for a toss—you don’t have to fall prey to your colleague’s annoying B.O!

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You might or might not be able to handle this colleague and the body odour that they bring with them—but you sure can realise that it’s a serious issue that’s far from pleasant for everyone you socially interact with. Why not take the right precautions? Enter Rexona Roll Ons—effective and easy to carry; these roll ons come in 3 variants for you to choose from. There’s Powder dry, shower fresh and aloe vera. They give you 48 hour long-lasting protection against body odour keeping you fresh and confident all day! Pick your favourite and save yourself the body odour embarrassment with Rexona Roll Ons.

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