When winter comes around, you’ve got to switch your skincare routine to adopt it for the colder months. For people with oily skin, this can be a bit confusing—your skin is dry but if you don’t use the right amount of moisturiser, it’s going to over-secrete oil and become greasy. We spoke to one such victim—top blogger Niki Mehra—and asked her to share with us her winter skincare tips that keep her looking fab all through the year.

  • One of my essentials when it comes to winter skincare is a good moisturiser. I always have one on hand and ensure that my skin is well hydrated—that means drinking a lot of water, eating the right kind of fruits and ensuring that my skin is always moisturised.
    I prefer to use a lightweight moisturiser since I have oily skin.

Skincare in the winter

  • Skincare in the winter isn’t only about what I put on my face. I consume a lot of Vitamin C during these months by loading up on local, seasonal fruits. If you notice, a lot of the fruits that are available during the winter months are rich on Vitamin C—strawberries, grapes and the like—which is perfect because Vitamin C is great for the skin as well as my immunity.
  • Face masks are a part of my skincare routine throughout the year, except for the winter. In the winter, I prefer to switch to sheet masks to hydrate my skin since face masks can dry my skin.

skincare tips for winter

  • Most people say that you shouldn’t take a shower with hot water during the winter since that tends to dry your skin a lot more. But since I live in Delhi, where it’s very cold, lukewarm water is not really an option. So instead, I invented a very simple hack—just after I am done washing my face and my hair as well, I do one last splash of cold water on my body and my head. This seals any pores that might have been opened due to the heat.
  • I have an oily scalp which gets worse during the winter. If I don’t switch my haircare routine, this will result in dandruff and a super oily T-zone. Therefore, I take extra care of my locks during these months and make it a point to condition my hair well.

So that’s blogger Niki Mehra, sharing her top winter skincare tips with us!

If, like Niki, you are in need of a lightweight moisturiser we’d suggest the Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturiser and for those dealing with an oily scalp, we’d recommend the Ayush Anti Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner Range.

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