6 Chefs Whose Instagram Feed Will Make You Hungry!

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurJan 05, 2018
6 Chefs whose Instagram feed will make you hungry!
Instagram is flooded with pictures of food and is a great platform to showcase your culinary skills too. The romance between food and Instagram began a couple of years ago when the #foodporn hashtag became extremely popular. People were constantly putting up pictures of what they were eating or cooking and the food industry became a rage on Insta. Chefs from all over the world are making the most of this as it’s the easiest way to let reach out to people about your work. If you’re a foodie and love looking at food pictures, we’ve compiled a list of 6 chefs whose Instagram feeds are full of delicious looking food that will instantly make you hungry…

Jamie Oliver

Boo Kim

Jamie Oliver is a British celebrity chef and is best known for his English cuisine. He has also had various cooking shows of his own, like every celebrity chef. His Instagram feed is full of his special Sunday roasts, pies and he also posts a few recipes with the hashtag #QuickAndEasy food that you can try.

Instagram handle: @jamieoliver


Pooja Dhingra

Boo Kim

She’s the founder of the famous ‘Le15 Patisserie’, ‘Le15 Café’ and ‘Studio Fifteen Culinary Centre’ in Mumbai. Baking being her area of expertise, she’s often seen posting pictures of cupcakes, cakes, tarts, brownies and pies! If you have a weakness for sweets, head to her Instagram page right now for some virtual deliciousness.

Instagram handle: @poojadhingra


Martha Stewart

Boo Kim

We all know her as Snoop Dogg’s bff who hosts a cooking show with him called ‘Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party’. She has had multiple careers in business, TV industry and food. She has her own website which is full of food, DIY, home and lifestyle stories too! Her Instagram is a food lover’s paradise as the pictures are extremely aesthetic which is directly proportional to how hungry it can make you! Her unique style of plating the dishes is a treat to the eyes!

Instagram handle: @marthastewart


Ankiet Gulabani

Boo Kim

Ankiet is an Indian food blogger and chef. His website ‘Belly Over Mind’ is full of scrumptious looking food pictures with recipes for each. His blog ‘pushes the boundaries of what the home cook can do with local and seasonal produce.’ On his Instagram, you will see a mix of various cuisines including Indian, Italian, Chinese and also beautiful pictures of raw, organic produce. We’re sure his feed will make you hungry!

Instagram handle: @ankietgulabani


Kelvin Cheung

Boo Kim

He’s probably the most famous chef in India right now thanks to his famous sea food specialty restaurant ‘Bastian’ in Bandra, Mumbai, which is a regular hangout spot for celebs and influencers. He specialises in seafood and healthy, vegan food which is also the reason why celebs are always hanging out there. Head over to his Instagram to drool over appetising seafood starters, gluten free pies and cakes and also sneak peeks into the ‘Bastian’ kitchen!

Instagram handle: @chefkelvincheung


Boo Kim

Boo Kim

Chef Kelvin Cheung’s bff and executive chef of One Street Over, Mumbai, Chef Boo Kim specialises in American cuisine. ‘One Street Over’ is also a popular joint in Bandra, Mumbai which is said to have the most heavenly nachos one could ever taste! Both Kelvin and Boo are seen hanging out in each other’s kitchens doing what they do best. Chef Boo Kim’s Instagram is full of authentic American and Korean food which will make you hungry and how!

Instagram handle: @chefbookim

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