Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know what Tinder is. And let’s face it—most of us have used the dating app at some point or the other. While using the app, we’re laden with the task of swiping left or right for guys. So, who do you swipe left on? And who’s the lucky fella you swipe right on? Making that decision can sometimes be quite a challenge, can’t it? Well, here are 6 types of guys you should never swipe right for.

1. The hipster

1. The hipster

This guy is probably the easiest to recognise. In his pictures, he’ll probably be wearing a beanie or a beard, wearing plaid and his bio will talk about his love for Mumford and Sons. Although this guy sounds okay, there’s a reason you shouldn’t swipe right for him: it’ll take him forever to actually ask you to hang out. And when he does, he’ll ask you to hang out with him and friends, and they’ll probably only talk about Anime and want to eat at this obscure organic restaurant.

2. The almost-frat boy

You’ll recognise the almost-frat guy just by the pictures he uploads on the app. What are these pictures like? They’ll be blurry shots of him at parties, with a number of different, beautiful women. His bio’s also likely to talk about his love for beer and partying. Why should you swipe left? Well, it’s probably because he isn’t looking for anything serious, and just needs a date to the n number of parties he goes to.

3. The lonely musician

His profile will comprise pictures of him in a hoodie playing the guitar or ukulele, and won’t be too clear, and he couldn’t be bothered. Why should you swipe left? Well, this guy’s surely a music snob, and will probably scoff at your taste in music.


4. The gym freak

4. The gym freak

How do you recognise the gym freak? It’s simple. His pictures will give him away. These pictures will show him mid-crunch or mid-workout showing off his biceps and abs in the form of way to many shirtless pictures. Why would you want a guy who has such a clear need to make you aware of his strength? Just swipe left.

5. The guy whose face is a mystery

This guy’s super easy to spot on Tinder. Also known as ‘the catfish,’ you’ll surely recognise this guy from his not-so-clear pictures. You’ll find that almost all of his pictures barely include him, or have him minutely present in the background. The reason you should swipe left on him, is because he’s the kind of guy who’ll be ever ready to text and chat with you, but will never agree to actually meet you. And we don’t know why.

6. The one who loves emoji’s a little too much

His bio will include a bunch of emojis, as he probably attempted to tell his ‘story’ that way. But why swipe right on a guy who can’t use his words? Go on, swipe left.