As the temperature rises, so do your chances of breaking out. Everything from your sunscreen to your beach towel could cause yours skin to feel irritated. In addition to this, your sweat combined with chemicals from skincare products or even oils in makeup products can cause your skin to get clogged, furthering your chances of getting acne.

Want to know more about why you’re breaking out in the summer? Keep on reading to discover the exact reasons, so you’ll be able to stop those pesky pimples right in their tracks.

1. Your clothing

You may find this hard to believe, but your clothing could determine whether you have clear, flawless skin or not. If you wear tight clothing or accessories such as snug hats in the summer, you may notice breakouts in the area that the clothing/accessory covers. This is because tight clothing can trap sweat and dirt, and clog your pores. Hence, it’s best to wear breathable clothing in the summer.

2. Sunscreen

Yes, sunscreen is a must when you’re out under the sun. After all, UV protection is of utmost importance. However, sunscreen, especially the water-resistant one, could also be responsible for your breakouts. The chemicals present in water-resistant sunscreen can aggravate your pores and result in acne. In addition to this, these sunscreens are extremely difficult to get rid of which may cause further aggravation to your skin when you do try to wash them off. In addition to this, if the sunscreen isn’t washed off properly, its residue will settle in your pores, and result in acne.


3. Moisturizer

3. Moisturizer

The oily moisturizer you use is probably what is causing your acne flare-up. This is because, heavy, oil-based creams and lotions may clog the pores on your face, neck, and chest. And so, when the temperature peaks, it’s best to trade your heavy moisturizer and lotion for a lightweight product such as the Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Body Lotion. With high aloe content, it keeps your skin moisturized for a long time without any residual greasiness.

4. Sugary drinks

It’s a known fact that sugar isn’t the best for our skin. And during the summer, we consume a lot more sugary drinks than usual. Sadly, sugar aggravates hormonal acne, as high-glycaemic foods are pro-inflammatory, which results in oil-production.


5. Sweat

5. Sweat

Although we perspire to cool off, sweat causes acne as it mixes with the dirt, oil and bacteria present on your skin, and clogs your pores. In addition to this, wiping the sweat off your face very frequently can aggravate your pores and cause breakouts. Switch your summer skincare routine to include the Pond’s Pimple Clear Face Wash whose Active Thymo-T essence works towards controlling sebum production and reducing the chances of acne.