We’ll be honest—we stalk Jacqueline Fernandez on Instagram for her diet pictures and obviously, her enviable style. But it was recently that we realised how the girl has some breathtaking travel pictures too. A total travel enthusiast—Jacqueline always manages to give us a sneak peek into her travels through her pictures. Want to know which ones we loved? Scroll down…

Jacqueline Fernandez yoga moves

Here’s just another day in Jacqueline’s life—showing off her yoga moves on a beach in Bali. The girl was recently on a holiday with her famjam and we’ve got to say, it looked like she had quite a blast. From her plush resort pictures to her healthy meals—everything looked Instagram worthy!

Jacqueline Fernandez at Dead Sea

It’s a ritual when you visit the Dead Sea —slather Dead Sea mud all over your body, which is considered to be like therapy for the skin. Here’s a picture of Jacqueline chilling with her friends right after a dip. Lucky girl!

Jacqueline Fernandez at snowy location

Not too long ago, Jacqueline went to a snowy location and gave us some serious travel envy with this picture of her playing with snow. Clad in all black, the girl surely seemed to be having a helluva time at her vacay!

Jacqueline Fernandez at Maldives

This one’s from Jacky’s trip to the Maldives—gorgeous turquoise waters in the backdrop and greenery! Notice how Jacky prefers to go makeup-free when on a holiday. Such a natural beauty!

Jacqueline Fernandez at London

This is when Jacqueline told us she was in London while looking stylish as ever. Dressed in jeans, denim jacket, oversized glasses and boots—trust Jacky to look hella cool even in a cab!

Jacqueline Fernandez’s fashion

Doesn’t Jacky look so cool while skiing? But know what has our attention? That micro bag! When you’re a fashionista, you have your fashion game on 24/7!

Jacqueline Fernandez smiling through crowd in Tokyo

Isn’t this picture of Jacqueline smiling through a crowd in Tokyo oh so cute? Guess Jacky’s really enjoying her time out given that the papzz are always following her in India!