If you’re born between the 22nd of November and 21st December, you fall under the Sagittarius sign that’s the 9th zodiac sign of the 12. Often known to be adventurous and driven, Sagittarians are ruled by the planet Jupiter and is considered to be a fire sign. Guess that’s where their fiery personalities come from! If you’re a Sagittarian and are reading this, here’s a list of things you will totally relate to…

You overthink so much, you lose sleep…

If you’re a Sagittarian you know that the smallest of inconveniences cause you to overthink and stress about situations so much that you usually find yourself staring at the ceiling fan while trying to sleep and eventually lose out on your precious snooze time.

Your face says it all

You just cannot pretend to fake-like someone and even when you do, you fail hard. Your face does all the talking for you so even if you’re not literally speaking, everyone knows what you’re thinking. You cannot tolerate pretense nor can you be pretentious!


You’re always dreaming big and love adventure

You’re always dreaming big and love adventure

You’re constantly thinking of how you can do better at your chosen career; achieve more and more to the point where it starts to drive you crazy. You’re extremely competitive and love learning new things. You can get overly optimistic and unrealistic at times. Adventure should be your middle name because you’re always up for road trips, hikes, treks and live for the adrenalin rush!

You always find yourself giving more

When you like someone, you can be extremely generous. You find yourself going out of the way to help people you love and are an extremely giving person without expecting much out of them.


You’re extremely careless, clumsy and petty

You’re extremely careless, clumsy and petty

If you’re a Sagittarian, this sentence will make you say “Yeah, that’s me”, and sigh because you know it’s true. You lose things easily and you’re always tripping over things (sometimes, non-existent) because clumsiness comes naturally to you. Your unique take on things can often come off as petty.

You get angry when you lose

Be it a friendly scrabble match with your friends or an argument, any form of losing makes you extremely angry and your competitive nature can drive you to worsen the situations or question your capabilities.

You always daydreaming

As a Sagittarius, you can easily get distracted with what you could do instead of concentrating on what you’re doing currently; basically daydreaming about things, which can’t always be realistic. It can often upset you when reality hits you and you realise that those daydreams might not be within reach.

You’re stubborn

People often criticize you for this because you’re stubborn af and get what you want by hook or by crook. This is because Sagittarians have extremely strong egos and think very highly of themselves. You’re everything but a settler!

If you’re a Sagittarian or know one, we bet you can relate to all of the above points! Can you?

Image credits: wishmeme.com, pintrest.com