We love a good, informative rendezvous with stars, especially when they candidly spill the beans about our favourite topics–skin and beauty! So, when we got a chance to have a chat with the stunning Amy Jackson about all things skin, we instantly prepared a checklist of questions for her!

We caught up with her at the launch of Pond’s Skin Advisor Live, a mobile app that aims to help women change the way they deal with skincare by giving them detailed advice that’s unique to their skin type. Here’s the actor and model giving us a peek into her world of skincare…


Be Beautiful: Let’s start with the basics; how much time do you dedicate to your skin on a daily basis?

Be Beautiful: Let’s start with the basics; how much time do you dedicate to your skin on a daily basis?

Amy Jackson: Well, usually my days are really hectic, so I don’t have too much time to spend on skincare. But I have to give a minimum of 5 minutes a day, morning and night. I do the basic–my Pond’s face wash for cleansing followed by a moisturiser to keep my skin hydrated.

BB: What have you learned about your skin over time?

AJ: There was a time when I used to love dairy products. Ice cream and pastas with creamy sauce! But, dairy really affected my skin and tummy. I actually became lactose intolerant overnight. That’s the reason I stopped dairy completely. I noticed that my skin started to clear up a lot. Also, pollution! It damages the skin just as much as the sun does.

BB: How do you nourish your skin when it comes to food?

AJ: I love a juice in the morning, usually a full green juice which cleanses my system. I also rely on my regular spirulina shot.

BB: Has fitness played a role in making your skin healthier?

AJ: You know, I was with my mom last week. I went to the gym, and when I came back, she said, “You are glowing”! After a good workout, your blood circulation is better. It helps get rid of all the toxins and you have a healthy glow. I really think working out plays an important part in skincare.

BB: Which are the ones that are always in your handbag?

AJ: In my handbag you will always find a cream for dry skin and a hydration mist. I always make sure my skin is well moisturised, especially before applying makeup.

BB: What are your thoughts on the Skin Advisor Live app? And which of its features do you think you’re going to be using the most?

AJ: I’ve tried the app and it’s so helpful. Every week, I’m in a new country! So, a handy app is a boon! Not only does it tell you about your skin and what can you do to help it make better, it also tells you about where you are–the pollution, the air, and the humidity! It calculates all of that depending upon the city you’re in and then tell you the best way to care for your skin! I think that’s a great feature!

BB: If you had to give advice to you 20 year-old self what would it be?

AJ: Drink. More. Water! Stay hydrated. You know, I never used to drink water consciously until a couple of years ago. I used to only have fizzy drinks, coffee etc. I was obsessed with Red Bull when I was shooting for something. But I’ve realised the importance of staying hydrated at all times! It’s extremely necessary.

BB: Given that you travel so much and are always on the go, is there a certain skincare ritual that you abide by?

AJ: I take extra care of my skin when I’m travelling. I spend a little more time and use a face mask.