Could You ‘Tap’ Your Way To Plump Skin?

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurOct 22, 2018
Could you ‘tap’ your way to plump skin?
We’ve always stressed on the fact that knowing what you put on your face and choosing the right products according to your skin type has to be your top skincare priority. But, did you know that the technique with which you apply these products also holds equal importance and determines how efficiently the products will do their job on the skin? Enter skin tapping—a skincare technique Korean women practice to ensure they make the most of their products. Scroll down to know more…

What is tapping?


Most of us directly smear product all over our face and work it into the skin in circular motions until is absorbed completely—‘coz how else will you apply the product anyway, right? Wrong. Skin tapping, as the name rightly suggests, involves gently tapping the product on your face until it’s completely soaked in.

Why tapping?

Whether or not you’re following an elaborate 10-step Korean beauty regime, it’s important to tap the product into your skin—be it your toner, moisturiser, serum or anything else. Gently tapping the product ensures that it’s completely penetrated into your skin without any rubbing or tugging. This technique helps the product reach the deepest layer of your skin and pores, which in turn results into healthier, plumper skin.




Dot your moisturiser / toner / serum all over your face or apply it using gentle, short strokes. Then, start to work the product into your skin by tapping it—this might be a little more time consuming as opposed to your usual way of applying the product, but that only means that it’s doing the job well. It might take about 2 minutes until it is completely penetrated. You can use your palm for the larger areas of the face and fingers to for the smaller areas. Tapping the skin also increases the blood circulation which then results into a glowing complexion.

We recommend tapping especially when it comes to your night skincare routine. We love the POND’s Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream that repairs your skin overnight by fighting fine lines and wrinkles. You will see a significant change in how your skin looks and feels in the morning if you use this technique to apply the night cream. Tapping is also recommended for effective eye cream application.

The results

If done consistently, you will notice bouncy, supple skin that looks healthy from within. Doing this as a pre makeup skincare routine will also ensure flawless makeup application.

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