Dos And Don’ts Of Showering For Better Skin

Written by Vishwa KhareMar 25, 2020

Showering may seem simple, but in fact, there is a technique to it. You may love taking a steaming hot shower after a long exhausting day at work, but you probably don’t realise that this steaming hot water is doing your skin more harm than good. So, if you’re looking to have glowing skin every single time after you take a shower, you need to know a couple of showering dos and don’ts. Read on to know more, and improve the health of your skin.



  • Make sure the water temperature is right

    Lukewarm water for a shower is the best. It doesn’t dry out your skin, and is also quite comfortable if you can’t stand cold water. It’s best to avoid using extremely hot water, as it’s known to strip the skin of its natural oils. It’s also a good idea to let some cold water run over your body towards the end of the shower so that your pores seal and moisture gets locked in.
  • Wash your face at the sink after your shower

    It’s best to always wash your face at the sink after your shower. The warm water in the shower will cause your pores to open, making way for products like shampoo— to enter your skin. This could cause problems like acne. If you wash your face at the sink later, you’ll allow your face wash to penetrate through your skin and work its magic. Then, wash the product off with cold water to make sure your pores are sealed.


  • Use lotion right after

    Don’t ever skip this step! Even if your body is still a little damp after a shower, slather lotion on yourself. By doing this, you’ll manage to lock water into your skin so that it stays hydrated and won’t dry out. We suggest using the Vaseline Healthy White Sun and Pollution Protection Lotion that contains Pollution Protection Formula (PPF) coupled with SPF24 PA++. This product effectively shields your skin and protects from UVA, UVB and skin pollutants.


  • Over-scrubbing

    Sure, exfoliating is beneficial, as it helps get rid of dead skin and allows for the growth of new cells. Although it may be good, too much of it can cause your skin quite a bit of harm. If you over-scrub your skin, it can cause irritation, which is why it’s best to exfoliate only once or twice a week. You should also note that shaving counts as exfoliating too. That’s why, it’s best to avoid going too crazy with body scrubs on the areas of your body you shave, such as your arms and legs.


  • Leaving your towel and loofah wet

    A wet loofah or towel can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. So, if you tend to leave your towel and loofah wet all the time, it’s time to stop doing that. The bacteria that has grown on your loofah and towel can be transferred to your skin, which can result in problems such as acne. Now, that’s not what you want, do you? To avoid this, you must regularly clean your loofah and towel, and then leave them to completely dry. You should also make it a point to try and use a new loofah every month.
  • Rough towel drying

    Don’t ever rub your towel against your skin. Your skin is sensitive, which is why you should do everything you can to avoid irritation it. It is, therefore, a good idea to pat yourself dry. This method is gentler, and will keep your skin healthier.

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