Breaking up with plastic altogether can be quite a difficult task to do— but there are plenty ways in which you can lower your plastic consumption. You may think that recycling everything is the key, but only a couple of types of plastic are actually able to be recycled. And what eventually does end up getting recycled requires a large amount of water and energy, which again, is not so great for the environment. So, if you’re looking to significantly reduce the plastic garbage that ends up in landfills, here are some simple ways you can lower the amount of disposable plastic you use.

stop plastic

  • Carry your own shopping bag

    Think about the number of times you hit a supermarket. Every single time you buy something, you end up going home with an additional plastic bag that you’re likely to throw out. Why not just carry a jute or cloth shopping bag instead? It doesn’t require a lot of effort! Doing this will considerably reduce the amount of plastic bags thereby reducing the amount of plastic in landfills.
  • Use your own water bottle

    Buying bottled water every time you’re out does two things: it harms the environment, and burns a hole in your pocket. You can easily avoid this by carrying your own water bottle everywhere you go. By doing this, you’ll save Mother Earth from a whole lot of harm. Pretty great, right?

stop plastic

  • Skip the plastic straw

    Plastic straws are single-use items that are truly quite unnecessary. So, whether you’re at home, a restaurant, or a bar, skip the straw and sip your drink regularly, instead. It won’t make much of a difference to you, but will help lower the amount of plastic you use.
  • Line your dry waste garbage can with newspaper

    It’s common to line a trashcan with a plastic garbage bag. However, these garbage bags are so thick, that they take forever to decompose. That’s why, it makes more sense to line your dry waste garbage can with one or two sheets of newspaper, instead. All you need to do is scoop up the newspaper, and dispose the paper sack— it’s quite simple!

stop plastic

  • Say no to disposable razors

    Disposable razors are almost always made of plastic. Instead of tossing a razor out every single time you use one; invest in a razor that lets you replace the blade. This will help you significantly cut down on your plastic waste, and may prove to be cheaper in the long run.