Home remedies will never go out of style. In fact, home remedies (and Netflix marathons) are what weekends should be dedicated to! If you’re willing to give homemade masks a try, here is a list of some of our favourites…

Before you begin, cleanse your skin with the Pond’s White Anti-Pollution + Purity Face Wash to get rid of any residue that’s still remaining on your skin.

homemade masks for glowing skin

What: Honey Face Mask

Benefits: Lightens skin and deep-cleans your pores

Add lemon juice and cinnamon powder to make this even more effective

What: Oatmeal Face Mask

Benefits: Gets rid of excess oil (great for those with an oily T-zone)

Make this mask by adding honey, lemon juice and yogurt to oatmeal

What: Sandalwood and Turmeric Face Mask

Benefits: To get to rid of dullness and acne

Sandalwood, turmeric and rose water help in hydrating skin and treating pimples

Which one will you be trying this weekend?