How To Cover A Tattoo With Makeup: Your Complete Guide

Written by Lopa KDec 02, 2022
How to Cover a Tattoo with Makeup: Your Complete Guide
You finally got that tattoo you always wanted but have you ever wanted to know how to cover a tattoo with makeup? Whether it is a professional work setting or not wanting to field the barrage of questions from aunties at weddings, sometimes a little coverage goes a long way. Follow our tips listed below…

How to cover a tattoo with makeup: the basics

Invest in a heavy-duty foundation

Have your parents finally accepted your tattoo but don’t want you to flaunt it at family functions? Does your workplace have a strict no-tattoo policy? Or do you just want to avoid intrusive questions from all the aunties and uncles who will later gossip about it? Instead of compromising on your outfits and hiding them with long sleeves or turtleneck tops, switch to makeup. Let’s learn how to cover a tattoo with makeup however temporary or whatever reason it may be.

8 tips on how to cover a tattoo with makeup


Ask your tattoo artist for advice

Invest in a heavy-duty foundation

The best way to deal with your tattoo is to ask your tattooist how to cover a tattoo with makeup. As an expert, they may have some hidden tips and tricks that may have gone undetected on Google. Or they may have some unconventional advice to give whether it is using a concealer a certain way or making do with a bandaid.

Gently wash the tattoo 

Just like your face, if you want to apply makeup on any other body part, you need a clean and clear slate. Dry and flaky skin or an oily base will do little in helping you cover your tattoo seamlessly. Make sure to wash your tattoo well with water and soap and dry it before covering it with makeup.


Apply a thin layer of moisturiser

Invest in a heavy-duty foundation

Applying a thin layer of moisturiser will ensure that your skin doesn’t get itchy or dry in and around the tattoo area. We suggest going for something soothing like the Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Fresh Lotion that helps keep your skin moisturised and cool, thanks to its aloe content. The best benefit is the fact that it disappears into your skin without making it one bit greasy. 

Don’t scratch 

Do you need to cover a newly-healed tattoo? The itching just may be your worst enemy. Control the urge to scratch it as it can easily ruin your tattoo and erase the makeup that you have slathered on. This is why our previous tip is especially important as a little moisturising can go a long way in controlling the itch and keeping your skin hydrated and ready for makeup.


Start with primer

Invest in a heavy-duty foundation

Now comes the fun part. Before you start covering, you need a little primer. Remember, applying makeup on your tattoo is the same as applying it on your face. The Lakme Absolute Blur Primer creates a base that allows the makeup to last long. It also blurs textured skin so that it is easier to hide your tattoo. It even makes your skin soft if you suffer from dry skin or are trying to hide a new tattoo. Just take a little amount and spread it evenly over your tattoo and massage it in. 

Use colour correction 

If you have never used a colour corrector, don’t fret. It can help hide coloured tattoos better. Before you get to the concealer or foundation, apply a base of colour correctors and blend it well to get started on the coverage. Light pink hides light colours, orange or peach for medium blue and purple ink, yellow is for dark blue and purple tattoos, green is for red and pink shades, and lavender is for yellow and orange ink. Dab the corrector shades all over your tattoo and blend it well.


Play with a concealer

Invest in a heavy-duty foundation

Concealers are your best bet in covering tattoos without making your skin look heavily layered or cakey. But instead of dotting it like how you do it on your face, apply a layer of concealer completely over your tattoo. Then start blending it with a damp beauty blender till the tattoo is hidden.  

If you want full coverage without using a lot of concealer use a high-coverage concealer like the Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Liquid Concealer. Since it has a primer, it actually does last all day so you don’t have to keep checking throughout the day for touch-ups. It also smoothens your skin so that there is no trace of you ever having a tattoo. A bonus that you didn’t actually know you needed is that it has SPF 25 so you won’t have to worry about your tattoo fading under the sun.


Invest in a heavy-duty foundation

Invest in a heavy-duty foundation

Sometimes, you need a little more to cover a brand-new tattoo that is yet to blur or start fading. In such cases, along with a concealer, you just may have to top it off with a high-coverage foundation. For that, turn to a liquid foundation with a matte finish like the Lakme Absolute 3D Cover Foundation.  

You must have seen makeup artists and influencers using it for spotlight events like weddings and glamorous functions where sweat and camera flashes can otherwise mess with your makeup. Well, this transfer-proof foundation easily blends and covers your tattoo in just one layer while giving your skin a natural finish. And with the sun being a tattoo’s weakness, this too has SPF 30, perfect for keeping your permanent art protected along with your skin. 

FAQs about how to cover a tattoo with makeup 

1. What makeup product best covers a tattoo? 

If you are trying to hide an old tattoo, you can make do with a thin layer of concealer. If you have a bright and new tattoo that also has a lot of colours, foundation should be your go-to in covering it. 

2. What is the easiest way to cover a tattoo with makeup? 

After you apply the makeup, don’t rub it in or move in different directions. This can lead to the product moving outside the tattoo area and not giving you proper coverage. Instead, take the beauty blender, dampen it a little and then just dab it in the same spot. You can also blot concealer with blotting paper to blend in the edges. 

3. What happens if you put makeup on a tattoo? 

If it is an old one, there is no problem in learning how to cover a tattoo with makeup. But if it is a new tattoo, you may want to wait till it has healed. This is because, if the tattoo is still healing, the makeup can irritate or infect the skin and ruin the tattoo. Wait till the old skin has completely peeled off and there is no more flaking or itching which can take anywhere between two to four weeks depending on the size of the tattoo. 

4. What colour cancels out a black tattoo? 

While we have given you a detailed guide on colour correctors for a coloured tattoo, you can still use them for a black tattoo. If it is extremely new and bright, you can also use a colour corrector to make the foundation or concealer blend with your skin tone more easily. Use a red or orange colour for a black tattoo. 

Well, this is how to cover a tattoo with makeup. No more wearing long sleeves or jeans to hide them. And the best part is that you can practise your blending skills on your tattoo if you still haven’t perfected it for your face makeup! We’d say it's a win-win.

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