How To Solve Each Of These Underarm Problems

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 08, 2018
Underarm problems—they’re the kinda concerns we don’t wish to talk about but deep down, we all know how we’re struggling to find solutions to them. Read below to know how you can conquer the following underarm problems…

Body odour

Dark underarms

Body odour—one of the most embarrassing problems of our lives (and bodies)! Body odour is generated because sweat is usually trapped in your underarms. This is when it feeds on bacteria causing a whole lot of body odour. While this phenomenon happens throughout the year, it aggravates during the summers when the temperatures are generally very high. Your solution? A potent anti-perspirant that works towards controlling body odour in the form of the Rexona Underarm Roll Ons. These rolls ons, available in three variants namely, powder dry, shower fresh and aloe vera, have the power to act as a layer between sweat and bacteria thereby preventing body odour. The bigger reward? It’s absolutely safe on the skin!


Irritation from shaving

Dark underarms

Shaving often leaves small red bumps in your armpits. Blame it on your carelessness or the fact that you are using an old razor. What’s the need of the hour for you? Using an exfoliating body wash while shaving is of utmost importance in your case since you need to get rid of dead skin buildup while shaving. We suggest relying on the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Nourishing Body Wash for this purpose. This product will gently wash away dead skin along with giving you softer and smoother skin. Its NutriumMoisture technology will give you the goodness of natural nutrients that keep your skin supple at all times.


Dark underarms

Dark underarms

Dead cell buildup, hormonal problems and poor hygiene—several factors can be the monsters behind your underarms taking on a darker colour. What you need to do is make sure you don’t skip washing your underarms while bathing. Always use a mild body wash to wash your underarms when showering. But what you also need to ensure is that your wear breathable fabrics because tight outfits can cause friction between your clothes and the skin leading to darkened underarms.

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