Unless you’re extremely, extremely lucky, you’ve dealt (and are most likely still dealing) with acne. Acne is nothing but cruel, and can be really difficult and tiresome to control. Pimples showing up completely announced, and leaving scars and blemishes on our skin is one of the worst things out there. Well, here’s some good news: there’s a new way to fight those pesky pimples— the acne patch. Truthfully, acne patches aren’t exactly new—they’ve been used for about a decade in Korea (obviously), but are now becoming extremely popular with K-beauty being all the rage.

So, do acne patches actually work? Read on to find out.

Acne Sticker Patches

There are two kinds of acne patches— the medicated ones, and the non-medicated ones. Both types are packaged the same way— they’re sticky dots of various sizes that come on a sheet. When you feel like a nasty pimple is about to pop up, all you need to do is pop one of these sticky patches over the blemish, and then wait for it to work its magic.

The non-medicated acne patch follows the principles of wound-care. After all, a pimple is nothing but a big wound. Made out of thick, hydrocolloid material, these patches keep the pimple protected from one of its biggest enemies— your fingers. In addition to this, they absorb excess fluid, which can allow the zit to heal faster. The patch’s material is known to draw out the gunk inside the blemish, so that it’s sucked away from your skin. When you remove the patch, you’ll see a small white pod present in it. You’ll also notice that the blemish is flatter when you pull it off.

Acne Patches

The medicated patches, which are more common, are much thinner and sit easily on your skin. These acne patches comprise different kinds of active ingredients—usually, salicylic acid and tea tree oil— that can treat the blemish. These patches don’t suck all the fluid out of the blemish, however. They help the medicine stay in and treat the zit, and also prevent you from picking at your face. But, if you’re sensitive to products such as salicylic acid, then these patches may irritate you.

You should know that these patches don’t completely make a pimple disappear in just a night, but they significantly reduce the blemish. In order to get rid of it completely, you’ll probably have to use another patch, and wait until the blemish has vanished completely.

As you can’t really leave the house with a patch on, the best time to wear these patches are at night when you go to bed, so that they stay on for a good 8 hours or so. And so, the next time you feel or spot an unwelcome zit looking to pop up, stick a patch on it, and watch it deflate.

Image credits: Into The Gloss, K-beauty Europe, Byrdie