If you’re a religious follower of the Korean skincare routine, you must’ve heard about the latest in K-beauty–the cloudless skin trend. And if you haven’t, what are we here for?

We already told you about ‘glass skin’, another of K-beauty’s most trending skincare routines. So what is cloudless skin exactly, and how is it different from glass skin? Read on to know more…


What is cloudless skin?

What is cloudless skin?

While glass skin refers to an immensely hydrated, intensely moisturised complexion, cloudless skin refers to the overall health of your skin.

It’s a complexion that looks healthy, clear, plump and flawless, and according to some K-beauty experts, cloudless skin is one that exudes a ‘healthy aura.’

When it comes to cloudless skin, the appearance of your skin is secondary to its health. To achieve it, one must focus on a skincare routine that targets dullness, clogged pores, irritation and banishing environmental damage.

Achieving cloudless skin isn’t an overnight miracle, it requires a strict regime that addresses the above concerns and is done regularly. This also means that you maintain a strict, healthy diet that is power-packed with green leafy vegetables and vitamin C. Sarah Lee, co-founder of a leading Korean Beauty website described cloudless skin as “bright, discolouration-free, sunny sky” with a milky sort of translucent finish to it.

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Using products that don’t strip off your skin’s natural oils and yet give it a deep cleanse are what your skin needs if you wish to achieve cloudless skin. Since discolouration and spots can prove to be major obstacles in your quest to achieve cloudless skin, we recommend investing in an anti-spot moisturiser such as the Pond's White Beauty Winter Anti-spot Moisturiser that not only helps combat spots, but also keeps your skin hydrated.

For clogged pores, exfoliation is truly your best friend. Remember to invest in an exfoliator that also hydrates, instead of using harsh chemical peels or drying, grainy products.

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External factors like hard water, sun damage and even wearing the wrong makeup can wreck your skin. We cannot stress enough on how important it is for you to drink water and use sunscreen every single day.

Even when it comes to makeup, you can achieve cloudless, translucent skin by making sure you apply primer before foundation–for a more flushed, natural look, you can skip the foundation and just rely on the primer. We recommend the Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer that helps minimize your pores.

Image credits: cliqueinc.com, glowrecipe.com