Some of you prefer threading our brows but for those of you who prefer tweezing, this story is for you. Tweezing demands certain do’s and don’ts as some tweezing mistakes can easily end up ruining the shape of your brows. So make sure you consider the mistakes below before tweezing your brows the next time…


While you need to get rid of the unibrow, you need to ensure that the distance between both your brows isn’t too much. Keep in mind that the beginning of your brows should be in line with the bridge of your nose.

Overdoing the arch

If you aren’t cued into the latest brow trends, you should know that arched brows are so passé. Now is the time to flaunt straight brows. So make sure you don’t end up overdoing the arch.

Using old tweezers

Using old tweezers

When you use old tweezers, you’re basically passing on bacteria to your skin. Moreover, tweezing your brows with an old tweezer will only make your brow area red and sensitive. So you need to make sure you keep changing your tweezers every six months.

Missing the top

While you remember to remove the obvious hairs below your brow, don’t forget to remove the tiny hairs on top of your brow. This will give your brows a clean look and help your highlighter makeup accentuate your brows.

Not easing the pain

Not easing the pain

Tweezing can cause a fair amount of redness and pain. To ease the irritation, make sure you finish off my applying Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to your brows. This will not only calm your skin but also help your hair tame your hairs.

written by on Mar 06, 2018


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