How To Prevent Smog And Pollution From Affecting Your Skin

Written by Cassandra PereiraMay 29, 2019
How to prevent smog and pollution from affecting your skin

We’re all familiar with the fact that smog and pollution take a massive toll on the environment. Besides being the planet’s worst enemy, the effect of pollution on your skin is way worse than you can imagine. They can make you age prematurely, breakout, and even cause life-threatening illnesses. But in the world we currently live in—a world that comprises hundreds of cars, bikes, and buses that emit fumes every single time they pass by you—it’s almost impossible to completely avoid these ghastly effects of pollution. After all, you do have a life. You probably like to head outside at the break of dawn to work out, and so, can’t avoid the smog; or your job requires you spend long hours outside. Whatever the case, you want to do all you can to protect your skin, but aren’t able to keep it away from toxic air pollutants. 

Don’t let your heart sink, however. There are ways to protect your face and keep polluted air from wreaking absolute havoc on your skin. If you’re wondering how to pollution-proof your skin, besides staying hydrated and covering your face, read on—you won’t be disappointed.


1. Keep your face clean

3. Antioxidants are what you need

After a long day - or even a short one in the polluted outdoors, the amount of grime that settles on your skin is unimaginable. And so, you need to wash your face. Do note that a quick wash with plain soap won't do the trick—you're going to have to be more thorough than that. Particulate matter that settles on your skin due to air pollutants and smog, are less that 10 micrometers in size, and so, you'll need a face wash that's meant for the job. We suggest giving the Pond's Pure White Anti-Pollution + Purity Face Wash a try. You can depend on its Activated Carbon content, a potent ingredient that’s responsible for pulling out impurities, oil and dirt and reducing the effects of pollution on your skin.

2. Don’t kill your skin’s natural barrier

Did you know that your skin has a natural barrier of protective bacteria that makes your skin less vulnerable to pollutants? It’s important for us to protect this barrier, by not going crazy with exfoliators. If you feel like your skin’s irritated, you may want to easy on the face scrubs and peels. You could protect your skin with sunscreen before heading out early in the morning, and also use an antioxidant serum to soothe your irritated skin. Besides this, you could replace your regular face wash with a fragrance-free one, to strengthen your skin.


3. Antioxidants are what you need

3. Antioxidants are what you need

We’ve already established that smog and polluted air are extremely bad for your skin. However, when hot, sunny days enter the picture, you’ll need to take every measure to save your skin. This is because, when pollution and smog are combined with UV rays, they drain your skin from its natural antioxidants, and make it more prone to damage. To combat the downsides of pollution on your skin, it’s a good idea to top up on antioxidants such as vitamins C and E. You could take oral supplements of these vitamins, or include foods rich in them in your diet. These particular vitamins are extremely helpful in fighting damage caused by UV rays, as they boost your skin’s ability to do so.

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